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Solid Waste Testsites
Water Assurance Compliance System (WACS) - Solid Waste

Facility Monitoring Testsite Inventory

Facility ID: 100946

Facility ID, Facility Name, County #, County Name, District,
Testsite ID, Testsite Name, Status, Testsite Type, Well Type, Water Classification, Latitude, Longitude

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Testsite ID
Testsite Status, Testsite Type, Well Type

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       GMS ID, Testsite GMS, OOIC and Description, Verification Status
       Elevation - TOC, Elevation - Land Surface, Well Diameter, Well Depth
       Casing Type, Diameter, Depth, Screen Depth Begin, Screen Depth End
                  No guarantee as to the accuracy of the information in this database is implied or expressed. While additional information may have been submitted to the Department, manpower and resources are not always available to ensure updates of this information to the database are made in a timely manner. Any specific information missing from the database may be obtained by a file review for the particular Facility/Testsite at the appropriate District office. The testsite latitude and longitude in this database defaults to the facility latitude and longitude, if testsite specific locational data is not available at the time the database record is generated.