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Solid Waste Facility Compliance History

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments   (mouse over for more text) ETA Link
 12/15/2017  Site Inspection   14.2 - A Well Survey Was Not Performed As Part Of This Inspection.  
 1/11/2018  Written Compliance Assitance Offer    
 8/24/2018  Technical Review    
 9/27/2019  Waste Quantity Report    

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
   62-701.300(1)(a)  Wargo_E  12/29/2017  10/7/2019    174956 12/29/2017   No person shall store, process, or dispose of solid waste except at a permitted solid waste management facility or a facility exempt from permitting under this chapter.
   62-701.300(3)  Wargo_E  12/29/2017  1/24/2018    174956 12/29/2017   Burning. Open burning of solid waste is prohibited except in accordance with Chapter 62-256, F.A.C. Controlled burning of solid waste is prohibited except in a permitted incinerator, or in a facility in which the burning of solid waste is authorized
   62-711.400(4), 62-711.400(4)(a), 62-711.400(4)(b), 62-711.400(4)(c), 62-711.400(4)(d)  Wargo_E  12/29/2017  10/7/2019    174956 12/29/2017   No person shall store waste tires unless the waste tires are:, Collected and stored at a permitted waste tire collection center;, Collected and stored before processing at a waste tire site which is an integral part of a permitted waste tire processi
AOC    62-711.520(3)  Wargo_E  12/29/2017  5/4/2018    174956 12/29/2017   Any waste tire collector engaged in collecting or transporting waste tires for the purpose of storage, sale, recycling, reuse, disposal, or processing shall display on each vehicle used a current decal with the waste tire collector registration numbe