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Solid Waste Facility Compliance History

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 6/15/2020  Submittal Received By Department   122 Tons Received, Processed And Disposed Of.  
 10/19/2020  Submittal Received By Department   Beginning Inventory 10.57 Tons, 566 Tons Received, 580.39 Tons Disposed Of. Ending Inventory 3.82 Tons.  
 10/19/2020  Submittal Received By Department   628 Tons Received, 617.43 Tons Processed And Disposed Of. Ending Inventory 10.57 Tons.  
 11/16/2020  Site Inspection   This Investigation Is In Response To Complaint Number 5701 Which Alleges They Are Discarding Scraps Of Tires Next To A Small Creek/Ditch.  
 1/14/2021  Electronic Communication    
 1/14/2021  Electronic Communication    
 7/28/2021  Submittal Received By Department   Report Numbers Are In Error. Report Shows Ending Inventory Of 73.61 Tons, Which Reflects An Increase Of 67.47 Tons Or 6747 Waste Tire Equivalents From The Beginning Inventory.. Based On The Numbers On The Report, Ending Inventory Should Be 79.75 Ton  
 8/11/2021  Site Inspection   Item Number 1.8 For The Financial Assurance Mechanism Is Marked Unknown, Since The Annual Financial Assurance Cost Estimate Was Just Approved 8/11/2021. The Financial Coordinator Has Not Yet Reviewed The Mechanism. Item Number 9.11 For Submission O  
 8/19/2021  Submittal Received By Department   Corrected Quantity Is 79.75 Tons Which Is In Excess Of The Permitted Maximum Of 66 Tons. This Is Being Addressed As A Violation In The August 2021 Inspection Report.  
 9/13/2021  Electronic Communication    
 11/8/2021  Submittal Received By Department   Q3 Report Dated 10/29/21 Reports Beginning Inventory Of 79.75 T, Receipts Of 585 T, Removal Of 247.26 T For An Ending Inventory Of 417.49 Tons Reports Removing 36 Tons Daily, Ceasing Pickups For A Week And Expected Rtc Of 11/15/2021. Note That Permi  
 1/12/2022  Site Inspection   On December 27, 2021 Department Financial Group Staff Contacted The District Informing Them That A Webber Recycling, Llc Representative Had Informed Them That The Facility Was Ceasing Operations In The Near Future And Were Inquiring About The Financi  
 2/23/2022  Notice Of Violation   Corrective Actions Completed Prior To Nov Being Reviewed. No Need To Issue A Nov.  186656
 2/23/2022  Enforcement Tracking    186656
 4/8/2022  Site Inspection   This Inspection Was A Closure Inspection Following The Clean Up Of The Remaining 264.5 Tons Of Shreds, Whole Tires, And Sidewalls. At The Time Of Inspection All Whole Tires, Sidewalls, And Shreds Had Been Removed From The Site Therefore All Violation  

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
   62-711.400(2)  Hornick_N  11/16/2020  1/14/2021    183652 11/16/2020   No person shall dispose of waste tires except at a permitted solid waste management facility which includes any facility permitted by the Department for the disposal of waste tires. Collection or storage of waste tires at a permitted waste tire proce
   62-701.300(1)(a)  Schroer_J  8/19/2021  4/11/2022    185515 8/19/2021   No person shall store, process, or dispose of solid waste except at a permitted solid waste management facility or a facility exempt from permitting under this chapter.
   62-701.300(2)(e)  Schroer_J  8/19/2021  4/11/2022    185515 8/19/2021   Within 200 feet of any natural or artificial body of water unless storage or disposal takes place at a facility for which a complete permit application was filed or which was originally permitted before the water body was in existence. This prohibiti
   62-711.540(1)(d)  Schroer_J  8/19/2021  9/13/2021    185515 8/19/2021   Fire protection services for the site shall be assured through notification to local fire protection authorities. A fire safety survey shall be conducted at least annually and the survey report shall be made part of the next quarterly report.