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Solid Waste Facility Compliance History

Activity History for:

FACID: 101295, US 27 TIRES, LLC

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments   (mouse over for more text) ETA Link
 4/26/2019  Site Inspection   Item 9.10: The Facility Indicated That They Are Experiencing Issues Obtaining A Tangible Fire Report From The Local Fire Department. Please Obtain A Current Fire Inspection Report Or Utilize An Outside Contractor To Obtain Such Documentation By Your  
 7/19/2019  Waste Quantity Report    
 7/19/2019  Waste Quantity Report    
 10/16/2019  Waste Quantity Report    
 12/17/2019  Cost Estimates    
 1/24/2020  Waste Quantity Report    
 2/20/2020  Site Inspection   Item 9.10: The Most Recent Fire Safety Survey Was Completed By Polk County Fire Rescue On August 21, 2019 Indicating No Violations At The Time Of Inspection. Item 9.14: Incoming/Outgoing Documentation Was Reviewed From February - December 2019. The  
 4/17/2020  Waste Quantity Report    
 4/22/2020  Electronic Communication    
 4/22/2020  Electronic Communication    
 7/17/2020  Waste Quantity Report    
 9/9/2020  Cost Estimates    
 10/15/2020  Waste Quantity Report    
 1/29/2021  Waste Quantity Report    
 4/2/2021  Site Inspection   Item 9.10/9.11: The Most Recent Annual Fire Safety Survey For The Waste Tire Processing Facility Was Completed On 01/8/2021 By The Polk County Fire Rescue. Please Ensure This Report Is Submitted As Part Of The 1st Quarter 2021 Waste Tire Processing R  
 4/9/2021  Waste Quantity Report    
 12/27/2021  Waste Quantity Report    
 2/17/2022  Waste Quantity Report    
 5/16/2022  Site Inspection   During The Inspection, The Owner Had An Old Version Of Their Permit On Site. The Most Recent Permit Was Emailed To Them On 6/2/2022. Item No. 1.8: Please Work With The Solid Waste Financial Coordinator To Assess The Facility'S Compliance With The F  
 11/7/2022  Waste Quantity Report    

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
   62-701.300(1)(a)  Newsome_K  2/28/2020  4/22/2020    181537 2/28/2020   No person shall store, process, or dispose of solid waste except at a permitted solid waste management facility or a facility exempt from permitting under this chapter.
AOC    62-711.540(2)(b)  Mandalou_T  6/2/2022      187133 6/2/2022   The width of main aisles between tire piles shall be not less than eight feet.