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Solid Waste Facility Compliance History

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 5/30/2012  Site Inspection   Consolidated Tire Processing Is A Newly Permitted Waste Tire Processing Facility. The Facility Accepts Waste Tires And Then Bales Them In Preparation For Shipment To China. The Facility Consists Of The Indoor Storage Of Unprocessed Whole Waste Tires,  
 7/26/2012  Site Inspection   A New Tire Baler Is Now In Operation. Dennis Mulberger Said It Is Approximately 3 Times More Efficient And Is Able To Bale Tires At A Much Faster Rate. Dennis Said The Facility Is Actively Working Towards Baling The Remaining Waste Tires Stored On-Si  
 8/20/2012  Submittal Received By Department    
 10/10/2012  Submittal Received By Department    
 10/24/2012  Site Inspection   According To Dennis Mulberger, There Are Approximately 9000 Tires Stored On-Site. This Includes Approximately 8000 Baled Tires Awaiting Shipment. There Are Approximately 1000 Used Tires Intended For Resale. At The Time Of Inspection, The Facility Was  
 1/10/2013  Submittal Received By Department    
 3/22/2013  Cost Estimates    
 4/10/2013  Site Inspection   The Facility Is Permitted To Operate A Waste Tire Processing Facility. The Operation Currently Consists Of Storing And Baling Of Waste Tires For Shipment Overseas And The Selling Of Wholesale Used Tires. Dennis Mulberger Said That The Facility Pla  
 7/11/2013  Waste Quantity Report    
 8/7/2013  Site Inspection   The Purpose Of This Report Is To Document The Facility'S Corrective Actions Of Removing Excess Waste Tires. An Onsite Inspection Of The Facility Was Not Performed. Specific Condition #12, Dep Permit #Wt64-0310464-001, States That The Facility Shal  
 10/8/2013  Waste Quantity Report    
 1/16/2014  Waste Quantity Report    
 3/26/2014  Site Inspection   The Facility Now Operates As A Wholesale Tire Business. The Facility Is Used To Store And Resell Used Tires. Dennis Mulberger Said That Liberty Tire Keeps A Scrap Tire Trailer At The Facility. The Trailer Is Filled With Scrap Tires As They Are Sorted  
 4/7/2014  Waste Quantity Report    
 5/15/2014  Cost Estimates    
 7/10/2014  Waste Quantity Report    
 10/17/2014  Waste Quantity Report    
 1/12/2015  Waste Quantity Report    
 4/30/2015  Site Inspection   The Facility Continues To Be Used To Store And Resell Used Tires. The Facility Recently Expanded Their Operation To Include Online Sales. Dennis Mulberger Said That The South Daytona Fire Department Recently Conducted A Fire Safety Inspection. On  
 2/9/2016  Written Compliance Assitance Offer    
 3/23/2016  Site Inspection   Permit No. Wt64-0310464-001 Expires March 9, 2017. The Permit Renewal Application Due Date Is January 7, 2017. The Facility Continues To Be Used For Storage And Resale Of Used Tires, Including Online Sales Of Individual Tires. Dennis Mulberger Sai  
 8/15/2017  Site Inspection   Permit 0310464-002-Wt Expires 03/09/2022. Approximately 8900 Tires Were Onsite. Allowed 10,000 Tires Indoor Storage. The Facility Was Well Maintained. The Facility Is Now Called Firenza Global, Llc.  
 1/11/2018  Waste Quantity Report    
 4/3/2018  Waste Quantity Report    
 6/27/2018  Site Inspection   Approximately 6400 Tires Onsite. Allowed 10,000 Tires Indoors. The Tires Mainly Go To Liberty Tires In Port St. Lucie. The Tires Mainly Come From New York.  
 10/17/2018  Waste Quantity Report    
 2/6/2019  Site Inspection   About 5900 Tires Day Of Inspection. The Tires Mainly Go To Liberty Tires. The Fire Survey Is Current. The Facility Was Operating Well.  
 9/21/2020  Site Inspection   Tires Are Not Accepted From The General Public. Waste Tires Delivered For Disposal Mostly To Liberty Tires In St. Lucie County. Annual Fire Safety Survey Conducted June 10, 2020 And Should Be Made Part Of The Next Quarterly Report, 62-711.540(1)(D).  
 4/7/2021  Site Inspection   The Facility Had Plus Or Minus 5945 Tires Onsite. Tires Go Primarily To Liberty Tire. Mosquitoes Are Not A Problem, Due To All Tire Storage Inside A Building. Quarterly Reports Are Submitted In Timely Manner. The Annual Report Was Good. The New Facil  
 1/3/2022  Site Inspection   Permit No. 0310464-004-Wt Issued April 7, 2021 And Expires On March 9, 2027. Financial Assurance Is Up To Date. Tires Are Stored Entirely Indoors.  
 3/7/2023  Site Inspection   Tire Processing Is Conducted Inside A Building With No Mosquito Concerns. The Annual Report Was Onsite. The 2nd Quarterly Report For 2022 Was Mailed To The Department On 5/4/2023. The Other Quarterly Reports Are With The Department. About 8400 Waste  

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
AOC    62-711.540(2)(b)  Whidden_B  6/5/2012  8/1/2012    156692 6/5/2012   The width of main aisles between tire piles shall be not less than eight feet.
AOC    62-711.540(2)(a)  Whidden_B  8/1/2012  10/30/2012    157446 8/1/2012   Tire piles may not be more than 50 feet in width, except that piles along a wall shall not be more than 25 feet in width.
   62-701.320(1), 403.161  Whidden_B  4/17/2013  8/6/2013    160069 4/17/2013   Permit requirements. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, no solid waste management facility shall be constructed, operated, maintained, modified, or closed without a permit issued by the Department, or by an approved local program acting un
   62-711.500(3), 62-713.600(6)(b), 62-713.600(6)(c), 62-701.630(4), 62-701.730(11)(a), 62-701.710(7)(a), 62-701.710(1)(d)1.  Whidden_B  5/11/2015  2/9/2016    167344 5/11/2015   Owners or operators of waste tire sites shall provide closing cost estimates for the quantity of waste tires on their site or the quantity of waste tires that they are permitted to have on their site, whichever is greater. The cost estimate shall be