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EPAID: FLR000231258, Chem Klean Corp

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 5/29/2019  Site Inspection  Routine; Used Oil Transporter - Routine; Used Oil Transfer Facility  
 8/12/2019  Warning Letter  Sent-08/12/2019 - Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 8/16/2019  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY The facility was operating as Used Oil Transfer (UOT) facility without being registered under FDEP/state of Florida and also missing the EPA ID on multiple manifests.; DAY 0: 29-MAY-19  186343
 10/15/2019  Short Form Consent Order  Sent-10/15/2019 - Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/6/2019  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN The facility was categorized as a SNC on August 16, 2019. The facility returned to compliance on August 13, 2019 by providing documentation of the corrective actions. After further review of the OGC guidelines for characterization of used oil violations, the District recommends closure without formal enforcement in accordance with the Specific Assistance Guidance for RCRA Hazardous waste program dated 8/2/14.; DAY 0: 29-MAY-19  186343
 11/12/2019  Department Comments  Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/12/2019  Informal Hearing  Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/12/2019  Penalty  Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/12/2019  Enforcement Tracking  Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/12/2019  Phone Conversation  Finished-11/12/2019  186343
 11/12/2019  Project Closed Letter  Finished-11/12/2019 - Sent-11/12/2019  186343
 7/6/2020  Site Photos  Finished-07/06/2020  
 7/6/2020  Status Report  Finished-07/06/2020  
 7/6/2020  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-07/06/2020  
 7/6/2020  Status Report  Finished-07/06/2020  
 7/6/2020  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-07/06/2020  
 8/4/2020  Status Report  Finished-08/04/2020  
 5/20/2021  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Used Oil Transporter - Routine; Used Oil Transfer Facility  
 6/22/2021  Letter  Sent-06/22/2021 - Finished-06/23/2021  
 6/23/2021  Status Report  Finished-06/23/2021  
 6/23/2021  Site Photos  Finished-06/23/2021  

This pulls the Violation History

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    279.E, XXS  279.42(a), 62-710.500(1)(a)  Stark_J  5/29/2019  5/29/2019  186343  185609   5/29/2019   USED OIL TRANSPORTERS WHO HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY DONE SO MUST COMPLY WITH RCRA |3010 NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN AN EPA ID NUMBER, Used oil transporters, except for the operations listed in 40 C.F.R. 279.40(a)(1)-(4), [as adopted in subsection
2    279.E  279.46(a)(2)  Stark_J  5/29/2019  8/13/2019  186343  185609   5/29/2019   USED OIL TRANSPORTERS MUST KEEP A RECORD OF EACH USED OIL SHIPMENT ACCEPTED FOR TRANSPORT; WHAT THE RECORDS MUST INCLUDE