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EPAID: FLR000035873, Dana Transport Inc

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 11/15/1999  Legacy Site Inspection    
 12/28/1999  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY NOTIFIED TRANSPORTER; DAY 0: 28-DEC-99SNY NOTIFIED TRANSPORTER; DAY 0: 28-DEC-99  
 12/28/1999  Significant Non-Complier - Yes    
 12/28/1999  Warning Letter Issued  Wl00-0983hw16snyned  
 2/16/2000  Civil Penalty Authorization Memo    
 6/28/2000  Meeting    
 9/8/2000  Case Referred To Ogc    
 6/6/2001  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN NOTIFIED TRANSPORTER; DAY 0: SNN NOTIFIED TRANSPORTER; DAY 0:  
 6/6/2001  Significant Non-Complier - No    
 6/6/2001  Consent Order Executed    
 1/28/2002  Project Closed Letter    
 6/3/2002  Compliance Evaluation Inspection    
 6/12/2002  Project Closed Letter    
 9/10/2008  Site Inspection  Routine; Transfer Facility - Routine; Transporter  
 1/12/2009  Issue Non-Compliance Letter  Sent to EM on Wed Dec 31 2008-12/31/2008 - Issued on Mon Jan 12 2009-01/12/2009 - Response Due on Wed Feb 11 2009-02/11/2009 - Response Received on Mon Feb 23 2009-02/23/2009 - Finished-03/18/2009  
 2/23/2009  Phone Conversation  Finished-02/23/2009  
 3/17/2009  Electronic Communication  Finished-03/17/2009  
 3/25/2009  Letter  Sent for LETTER-03/25/2009 - Finished-07/06/2010  
 9/11/2012  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter  
 9/1/2015  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility  
 7/5/2016  Verbal Compliance Assitance Offer  Compliance Assistance Offer Verbal -09/02/2015 - Finished-07/05/2016  
 7/24/2019  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Non-Handler  
 10/7/2019  Verbal Compliance Assitance Offer  Return to Compliance Letter Sent (RCL)for InformalVerbalEnforcement-10/04/2019 - Finished-10/07/2019  

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Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    265.B  265.14(c)  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   Unless exempt under paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section, a sign with the legend, "Danger-Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out," must be posted at each entrance to the active portion of a facility, and at other locations, in sufficient numbers to
2    265.C  265.37  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   Arrangements with local authorities.
3    265.D  265.52  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   Content of contingency plan.
4    265.I  265.174  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   Inspections. At least weekly, the owner or operator must inspect areas where containers are stored, except for Performance Track member facilities, that must conduct inspections at least once each month, upon approval by the Director. To apply for re
5    XXS  62-730.171(2)(b)  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   The owner or operator of the transfer facility shall have a written closure plan to show that the facility will be closed in a manner which satisfies the requirements of the closure performance, notification, and decontamination standards of 40 CFR 2
6    XXS  62-730.171(3)  Sykes_R  12/28/1999  8/6/2001    7336   11/15/1999   The owner or operator of a transfer facility which stores manifested shipments of hazardous waste for more than 24 hours but 10 days or less shall notify the Department on the Transfer Facility Notification Form. The owner or operator of a new facili
7    265.D  265.55  Breland_J  9/10/2008  3/17/2009    13031   9/10/2008   Emergency coordinator. At all times, there must be at least one employee either on the facility premises or on call (i.e., available to respond to an emergency by reaching the facility within a short period of time) with the responsibility for coordi
8    265.D  265.53  Breland_J  9/10/2008  3/17/2009    13031   9/10/2008   Copies of contingency plan. A copy of the contingency plan and all revisions to the plan must be:
9    265.B  265.16(a)(1)  Breland_J  9/10/2008  3/17/2009    13031   9/10/2008   Facility personnel must successfully complete a program of classroom instruction or on-the-job training that teaches them to perform their duties in a way that ensures the facility's compliance with the requirements of this part. The owner or operato
10    263.B  263.20(h)(4)  Fellabaum_P  9/1/2015  11/11/2015    176068   9/1/2015   The transporter retains these records for a period of at least three years after termination or expiration of the agreement.
11    XXS  62-730.150(2)(b)  Mitchell_Cl  7/24/2019  7/24/2019    186150   7/24/2019   All generators, transporters, or persons who own or operate a facility which treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste, and everyone required to notify under Rule 62-730.181, F.A.C., shall notify the Department of all changes in status and shall