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EPAID: FLD984229906, Bay Line Railroad LLC

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 8/26/1993  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Transporter  
 11/1/1994  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Transporter  
 9/10/1996  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Cei/In Compliance Transporter  
 8/5/1997  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Cei/Transporter  
 7/27/1998  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Transporter  
 7/26/1999  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Transporter  
 3/15/2000  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Hw Transporter. In 1999 Transported Over 500,000 Gallons Of Terpene Waste From Arizona Chemical  
 7/31/2001  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Hw Transporter By Rail. Transported 625,707 Gallons Terpene | Waste From Arizona Chem. 11-Jul-2000 To 26-Jul-2001  
 5/4/2004  Compliance Evaluation Inspection    
 9/27/2004  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Certificate For Fl Hw Trans Not Received Yet From Dep But Paperwork Submitted 3-24-04. Copy Of Certificate Of Current Insurance Obtained.  
 9/2/2005  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Duplicate Manifest #S From Generator; Lack Of State Certificate Of Approval  
 8/4/2006  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Needs To Update Registration (Insurance Paperwork To Tallahassee) | Verify Re-Registration  
 8/17/2006  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Labeling Deficiencies Corrected During Visit  
 6/26/2008  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  In Compliance - Marked Improvement - Final  
 4/23/2009  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter  
 5/15/2009  Warning Letter  Drafted for WARNING LETTER-05/14/2009 - Approved for WARNING LETTER-05/15/2009 - Sent for WARNING LETTER-05/15/2009 - Finished-05/19/2009  16731
 6/5/2009  Meeting  Finished-06/05/2009  16731
 6/5/2009  Letter  Finished-06/05/2009 - Generated for LETTER-06/05/2009  16731
 7/9/2009  Department Comments  Finished-07/09/2009 - Received from OGC for DEPARTMENT COMMENTS-07/09/2009  16731
 7/9/2009  Department Comments  Finished-07/09/2009 - Sent for DEPARTMENT COMMENTS-07/09/2009  16731
 7/9/2009  Department Comments  Finished-07/09/2009  16731
 7/14/2009  Letter  Finished-07/14/2009 - Sent for LETTER-07/14/2009  16731
 9/16/2009  Short Form Consent Order  Drafted for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-07/09/2009 - Approved for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-07/13/2009 - Issued for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-07/14/2009 - Response Due for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-08/13/2009 - Executed for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-09/16/2009 - Finished-09/21/2009  16731
 3/11/2010  Project Closed Letter  Sent for PROJECT CLOSED LETTER-03/11/2010 - Finished-03/12/2010  16731
 3/12/2010  Penalty  Received for PENALTY-08/10/2009 - Finished-03/12/2010  16731
 3/12/2010  P2 Final Report  Received for P2 FINAL REPORT-03/05/2010 - Finished-03/12/2010  16731
 3/12/2010  Department Comments  Drafted for DEPARTMENT COMMENTS-03/11/2010 - Finished-03/12/2010  16731
 3/12/2010  Enforcement Tracking  Finished-03/12/2010  16731
 4/19/2011  Site Inspection  Routine; Transporter  
 9/26/2011  Site Inspection  Complaint; CESQG (<100 kg/month) - Complaint; VSQG (<100 kg/month) - Complaint; Used Oil-Other  
 11/22/2011  Letter  Finished-11/22/2011  
 11/22/2011  Issue Non-Compliance Letter  Finished-11/22/2011  
 12/13/2011  Letter  Finished-12/13/2011  
 7/25/2012  Site Inspection  Routine; CESQG (<100 kg/month) - Routine; VSQG (<100 kg/month) - Routine; Transporter  
 9/21/2012  Letter  Finished-09/21/2012 - Sent for LETTER-09/21/2012  
 9/21/2012  Waste Manifests  Finished-09/21/2012 - Received for WASTE MANIFESTS-09/21/2012  
 9/21/2012  Letter  Finished-09/21/2012 - Received for LETTER-09/21/2012  
 9/21/2012  Issue Non-Compliance Letter  Finished-09/21/2012 - Sent for Issue Non-Compliance Letter-09/21/2012  
 10/17/2012  Letter  Finished-10/17/2012 - Sent for LETTER-10/17/2012  
 5/14/2015  Site Inspection  Routine; Transporter - Routine; CESQG (<100 kg/month) - Routine; Used Oil-Other - Routine; VSQG (<100 kg/month)  
 7/21/2015  Letter  Finished-07/21/2015  
 9/25/2017  Site Inspection  Routine; Transporter - Routine; CESQG (<100 kg/month) - Routine; Used Oil Generator - Routine; VSQG (<100 kg/month)  
 10/4/2017  Electronic Communication  Finished-10/04/2017  
 11/2/2017  Verbal Compliance Assitance Offer  Finished-11/02/2017  
 8/24/2022  Site Inspection  Routine; CESQG (<100 kg/month) - Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Used Oil Generator - Routine; VSQG (<100 kg/month)  

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Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    XXS  62-730.170(2)(a)  Dillard_T  4/23/2009  6/5/2009  16731  114000000100001   4/23/2009   The transporter shall have and maintain financial responsibility for sudden accidental occurrences in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence for combined coverage of injury to persons and for damage to property and the environment from the spi
2    XXS  62-730.170(3)  Dillard_T  4/23/2009  7/9/2009  16731  114000000100001   4/23/2009   Evidence of financial responsibility, updated for the current year, shall be verified annually by the submission of the appropriate form described in paragraph (2)(b) of this section or by the submission of a certificate of insurance. A certificate o
3    XXS  62-730.170(2)(e)  Dillard_T  4/23/2009  7/9/2009  16731  114000000100001   4/23/2009   The transporter shall annually submit to the Department two originally signed Transporter Status Forms, Form 62-730.900(5)(d), effective date January 5, 1995, which is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference. Rule 62-730.900, F.A.C., contains in
4    XXS  62-730.150(2)(b)  Dillard_T  4/23/2009  7/9/2009  16731  114000000100001   4/23/2009   All generators, transporters, or persons who own or operate a facility which treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste, and everyone required to notify under Rule 62-730.181, F.A.C., shall notify the Department of all changes in status and shall
5    261.A  261.5(g)(3)  Dillard_T  9/26/2011  11/18/2011    180000000100026   9/26/2011   A conditionally exempt small quantity generator may either treat or dispose of his hazardous waste in an on-site facility or ensure delivery to an off-site treatment, storage or disposal facility, either of which, if located in the U.S., is:
6    262.A  262.11  Dillard_T  9/26/2011  11/18/2011    180000000100026   9/26/2011   Hazardous waste determination. A person who generates a solid waste, as defined in 40 CFR 261.2, must determine if that waste is a hazardous waste using the following method:
7    XXS  62-710.401(6)  Dillard_T  9/26/2011  11/18/2011    180000000100026   9/26/2011   No person may store used oil in tanks or containers unless they are clearly labeled with the words "used oil" and are in good condition (no severe rusting, apparent structural defects or deterioration) with no visible oil leakage. If tanks or contain
8    263.B  263.22  Woehle_M  7/25/2012  9/21/2012    161394   7/25/2012   Recordkeeping.
9    XXS  62-737.400(5)  Plier_P  9/25/2017  9/25/2017    181042   9/25/2017   Handlers and transporters shall manage universal waste lamps and devices in a way that prevents breakage, releases of their components to the environment, and their exposure to moisture. In the event of a release, the handler or transporter must dete
10    273.C  273.33(a)(1)  Plier_P  9/25/2017  10/3/2017    181042   9/25/2017   A large quantity handler of universal waste must contain any universal waste battery that shows evidence of leakage, spillage, or damage that could cause leakage under reasonably foreseeable conditions in a container. The container must be closed, st
11    279.C  279.22(c)(1)  Plier_P  9/25/2017  9/25/2017    181042   9/25/2017   Containers and aboveground tanks used to store used oil at generator facilities must be labeled or marked clearly with the words "Used Oil."
12    XXS  62-730.030(3)  Plier_P  9/25/2017  10/3/2017    181042   9/25/2017   A conditionally exempt small quantity generator (CESQG) which chooses to send its hazardous waste to an off-site treatment, storage or disposal facility shall document delivery of its hazardous waste through written receipts and other records which a