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Hazardous Waste Facility Compliance History

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EPAID: FLD984229609, Photographic Waste Control Inc

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 6/20/1995  Legacy Site Inspection  Downloaded From Rcris On 18-Oct-96  
 8/11/1995  Warning Letter Issued  Downloaded From Rcris On 18-Oct-96  
 8/7/2002  Legacy Site Inspection  Recordkeeping Violations. Report Pending.  
 8/7/2002  Informal Verbal Enforcement    
 8/22/2002  Compliance W/O Formal Enforcement Action    
 1/22/2003  Case Closed By District    
 9/21/2004  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  No Violations Noted  
 12/15/2004  Letter  Report Issued To Facility  
 12/27/2004  Letter  Letter Received From Pwc Documenting 50 Foot Distances For Storage Of Ignitable Waste  
 1/7/2005  Letter  Letter Issued To Facility Agreeing That Current Location Of Ignitable Waste Storage Area Does Meet 50 Foot Setback Requirement  
 1/7/2005  Case Closed By District  No Further Action Required  
 6/30/2008  Compliance Evaluation Inspection  Contingency Plan Must Be Updated  
 9/4/2008  Letter  Sent on Thu Sep 04 2008-09/04/2008 - Finished-09/09/2008  
 1/24/2012  Site Inspection  Routine; Transporter - Routine; Transfer Facility - Routine; SQG (100-1000 kg/month) - Routine; Used Oil Transporter - Routine; Universal Waste Transporter  
 9/24/2014  Site Inspection  Routine; Transfer Facility  
 5/10/2016  Site Inspection  Routine; Transporter  
 6/16/2016  Verbal Compliance Assitance Offer  Compliance Assistance On-Site Visit -05/10/2016 - Finished-06/16/2016  
 2/7/2019  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter  
 4/20/2022  Site Inspection  Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter  
 6/14/2022  Compliance Assitance Offer  Sent-06/14/2022 - Return to Compliance Letter Sent (RCL)-07/06/2022 - Finished-07/07/2022  

This pulls the Violation History

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    262.A  262.11  White_J  8/11/1995  12/11/1995    5555   6/20/1995   Hazardous waste determination. A person who generates a solid waste, as defined in 40 CFR 261.2, must determine if that waste is a hazardous waste using the following method:
2    265.C  265.37  Kappler_B  8/7/2002  8/22/2002    8947   8/7/2002   Arrangements with local authorities.
3    XXS  62-730.160(6)  Kappler_B  8/7/2002  8/22/2002    8947   8/7/2002   Generators shall maintain adequate aisle space between containers of hazardous waste to allow for inspection of the condition and labels of the individual containers.
4    XXS  62-730.171(2)(e)  Kappler_B  8/7/2002  8/8/2002    8947   8/7/2002   The owner or operator of a transfer facility shall maintain a written record of when all hazardous waste enters and leaves the facility. This record shall include the generator's name, the generator's EPA/DEP identification number, and the manifest n
5      UNKNOWN  Kappler_B  8/7/2002  8/22/2002    8947   8/7/2002   Unknown - insufficient data from import to identify rule.
6    263.A  263.12  White_J  5/10/2016  6/16/2016    177871   5/10/2016   Transfer facility requirements. A transporter who stores manifested shipments of hazardous waste in containers meeting the requirements of 262.30 at a transfer facility for a period of ten days or less is not subject to regulation under parts 270, 26
7    XXS  62-730.171(1)  Rothenberger_M  4/20/2022  5/16/2022    192921   4/20/2022   40 CFR 263.12 [as adopted by reference in subsection 62-730.170(1), F.A.C.] provides that transporters who store manifested hazardous waste in proper containers at a transfer facility for 10 days or less are exempt from regulation as a hazardous wast