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Hazardous Waste Facility Compliance History

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EPAID: FLD984171256, Clean Fuels of Florida Inc

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 11/15/2000  Legacy Site Inspection    
 1/23/2001  Warning Letter Issued    
 2/20/2001  Enforcement Meeting    
 5/15/2001  Enforcement Project Initiated    
 5/15/2001  Significant Non-Complier - Yes    
 5/15/2001  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY Not Available; DAY 0: 15-MAY-01SNY Not Available; DAY 0: 15-MAY-01  
 8/9/2001  Enforcement Meeting    
 9/10/2001  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN Not Available; DAY 0: SNN Not Available; DAY 0:  
 9/10/2001  Significant Non-Complier - No    
 10/25/2001  Short Form Consent Order Issued    
 11/27/2001  Return To Compliance From Formal Enforcement    
 11/27/2001  Short Form Consent Order Executed    
 1/11/2002  Case Closed By District    
 4/2/2003  Compliance Evaluation Inspection    
 4/3/2003  Project Closed Letter    
 7/14/2005  Legacy Site Inspection  Hw Determination, Uof Manifests, Training Records, Operating As Transfer Facility  
 7/14/2005  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY FUEL FILTRATION; DAY 0: 14-JUL-05SNY FUEL FILTRATION; DAY 0: 14-JUL-05  
 7/14/2005  Significant Non-Complier - Yes    
 7/27/2005  Submittal Received By Department    
 8/16/2005  Warning Letter Issued    
 9/15/2005  Submittal Received By Department  Received Copy Of Invoice For Purchase Of Halogen Detector; Reviewed Transporter Manifests  
 9/15/2005  Enforcement Meeting    
 10/3/2005  Submittal Received By Department  Received Hs Plan, Training Record, Copy Of New Manifest  
 10/4/2005  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN FUEL FILTRATION; DAY 0: SNN FUEL FILTRATION; DAY 0:  
 10/4/2005  Significant Non-Complier - No    
 11/22/2005  Short Form Consent Order Issued    
 1/6/2006  Short Form Consent Order Executed    
 7/20/2006  Compliance Evaluation Inspection    
 7/24/2006  Project Closed Letter    
 2/21/2007  Compliance Evaluation Inspection    
 2/21/2007  Project Closed Letter    
 2/22/2007  Return To Compliance From Formal Enforcement    
 3/6/2007  Project Closed Letter    
 3/6/2007  Case Closed By District    
 12/6/2011  Site Inspection  Routine; SQG (100-1000 kg/month) - Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Universal Waste Transporter  
 1/10/2012  Informal Verbal Enforcement    
 4/17/2012  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-04/17/2012  
 4/14/2015  Site Inspection  Complaint; SQG (100-1000 kg/month) - Complaint; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Complaint; Universal Waste Transporter  
 4/15/2015  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-04/15/2015  
 5/5/2015  Status Report  Finished-05/05/2015  
 5/11/2015  Site Photos  Finished-05/11/2015  
 7/20/2015  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-07/20/2015  
 8/4/2015  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY Clean Fuels receives P-listed, U-listed and characteristic UPW. CCF's waste determination profile and Land Disposal Restriction notice to the final designated facility do not show any P-listed UPW and do not show any U-listed or characteristic UPW that have numerical LDR treatment standards. ; DAY 0: 14-APR-15  175826
 12/10/2015  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-12/10/2015  175826
 3/16/2016  Penalty  Finished-03/16/2016  175826
 3/16/2016  Meeting  Finished-03/16/2016  175826
 3/16/2016  Phone Conversation  Finished-03/16/2016  175826
 5/5/2016  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN In an email dated 05/02/2016, Clean Fuels provided documentation that corrected the remaining outstanding violations, thus returning the facility to compliance.; DAY 0: 14-APR-15  175826
 5/16/2016  Short Form Consent Order  Sent for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-05/11/2016 - Executed for SHORT FORM CONSENT ORDER-05/16/2016 - Finished-05/18/2016  175826
 6/10/2016  Penalty  Finished-06/10/2016  175826
 6/10/2016  Penalty  Approved for PENALTY-05/11/2016 - Finished-06/10/2016  175826
 6/17/2016  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-06/17/2016  
 6/17/2016  Department Comments  Finished-06/17/2016  
 8/19/2016  Case Report  Forwarded for Review for CASE REPORT-12/14/2015 - Sent to OGC for CASE REPORT-12/14/2015 - Finished-08/19/2016  175826
 8/19/2016  Enforcement Tracking  Finished-08/19/2016  175826
 8/19/2016  Penalty  Finished-08/19/2016  175826
 12/4/2018  Site Inspection  Routine; SQG (100-1000 kg/month) - Routine; Hazardous Waste Transporter - Routine; Universal Waste Transporter  
 3/26/2019  Submittal Received By Department  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Document Forwarded  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Waste Manifests  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Hazardous Waste Notification - Incoming  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Site Photos  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Site Photos  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Status Report  Finished-03/26/2019  
 3/26/2019  Letter  Finished-03/26/2019 - Sent-03/26/2019  

This pulls the Violation History

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
2    263.B  263.22  Harris_J  11/15/2000  9/10/2001    8010   11/15/2000   Recordkeeping.
5    XXS  62-710  Kantor_Ke  7/14/2005  10/4/2005    10844   7/14/2005   CHAPTER 62-710 USED OIL MANAGEMENT
6    XXS  62-150.300  Kantor_Ke  7/14/2005  7/28/2005    10844   7/14/2005   Notification Requirements.
7    XXS  62-710  Kantor_Ke  7/14/2005  7/28/2005    10844   7/14/2005   CHAPTER 62-710 USED OIL MANAGEMENT
8    263.A  263.11  Kantor_Ke  7/14/2005  9/15/2005    10844   7/14/2005   EPA identification number.
9    XXS  62-730.171(3)  Kantor_Ke  7/14/2005  9/15/2005    10844   7/14/2005   The owner or operator of a transfer facility which stores manifested shipments of hazardous waste for more than 24 hours but 10 days or less shall notify the Department on the Transfer Facility Notification Form. The owner or operator of a new facili
10    XXS  62-730.186(7)(b)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  4/14/2015  175826  174817   4/14/2015   A handler shall clearly label those containers and tanks accumulating waste pharmaceuticals with the phrase "universal pharmaceutical waste" or "universal waste pharmaceuticals," and with specific hazardous waste codes applicable to the universal pha
11    XXS  62-730.186(9)(d)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  3/9/2016  175826  174817   4/14/2015   A handler shall document the training given to each employee. The documents shall include the employee's name, signature, date of hire or assignment, date of training, and type of training. The training documents shall be kept at the handler's place
12    273.B, XXS  273.13(d)(1), 273.14(a), 62-737.400(5)(b), 62-737.400(5)(b)1  Carman_R  4/14/2015  4/14/2015  175826  174817   4/14/2015   A small quantity handler of universal waste must contain any lamp in containers or packages that are structurally sound, adequate to prevent breakage, and compatible with the contents of the lamps. Such containers and packages must remain closed and
13    268.A  268.7(a)(2), 268.9(a)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  5/2/2016  175826  174817   4/14/2015   If the waste or contaminated soil does not meet the treatment standards, or if the generator chooses not to make the determination of whether his waste must be treated, with the initial shipment of waste to each treatment or storage facility, the gen
14    XXS  403.727(1)(e)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  5/2/2016  175826  174817   4/14/2015   Knowingly make any false statement, representation, or certification in any application, record, report, plan, or other document filed or required to be maintained pursuant to the provisions of this act;
15    XXS  62-730.186(8)(a)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  5/2/2016  175826  174817   4/14/2015   A small quantity handler of universal waste may accumulate universal pharmaceutical waste for no longer than one year from the date the universal pharmaceutical waste was generated, unless the requirements of paragraph 62-730.186(8)(c), F.A.C., are m
16    262.A, XXS  262.11, 62-730.186(7)(d)  Carman_R  4/14/2015  5/2/2016  175826  174817   4/14/2015   Hazardous waste determination. A person who generates a solid waste, as defined in 40 CFR 261.2, must determine if that waste is a hazardous waste using the following method:, A handler of universal pharmaceutical waste may generate solid waste as a