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Hazardous Waste Handler Status History

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Hazardous Waste Facility Handler Status History

HISTORY OF Handler Status for:
EPAID: TXR000084006; Name: Bealine Service Company Inc

Source Generator Type UOP TSD HW TRA UO TRA Insurance Expiration Receipt/Update
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    6/30/2022 9/20/2021
NOTIFICATION  NHR      TRA     8/31/2021
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    6/30/2021 1/14/2021
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    6/30/2020 3/6/2020
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    6/30/2020 3/5/2020
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2019 10/16/2018
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2018 8/24/2018
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2018 8/23/2018
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2018 1/11/2018
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2017 8/21/2017
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2017 8/18/2017
NOTIFICATION  NHR      TRA     8/17/2017
TRA REGISTRATION        REGTRA    10/1/2017 4/25/2017
NOTIFICATION  NHR      TRA     4/4/2017
NOTIFICATION  NHR           4/4/2017

- Shaded records indicate registrations versus inspection or notification statuses.
- Used Oil Processor/Transporter and Mercury Registrations Statuses were not kept in History until January 2009.
- Receipt/Update Date is when the status was received or updated (time stamp) if receipt date is not available. It does not necessarily indicate when the facility was last inspected or contacted if status did not change. For SWIFT inspections, where an activity ID is shown, the Receipt date is the on-site start date of the inspection.