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Facility Info
Facility ID County Status EPA ID Other ID Old Fac. ID Follow Up
29654  Duval  A - Active - Waste Generator  FLR000258301  SQG  1605022  N - None Needed 
Facility Name Mailing Address Location Address Contact Title Phone E-mail Address
Atlantic Marine Cleaning Llc  Po Box 40745
Jacksonville, FL 32203 
1299 W Beaver St 
Jacksonville, 32204 
Camille Baaklini  General Manager  (904) 350-0006  cbaaklini@marinecleaning.com 
SIC Code Gen Stat Total HW Disposal Data Type Date Org Contact Org Code
4491 - Trans. & Utilities - Marine Cargo Handling  2 - Small Quantity Generator  222  V - Verification By On-Site Visit  12/8/2023  M. Westerman  16 - Duval 
Full-Time Employees Facility Updated Date
23  3/5/2024 2:33:04 PM 
Comment Date Comment
10/1/2007  Schumann Caster & Equipment Company Sells Material Handling Equipment Such As Boat, Utility And Motor Cycle Trailers, Trailer Parts, Hand Trucks, Dollies, And Trailer Tires. The Company Has Been In Business At This Location Since 1925. The Facility Consists Of One Building For The Administrative Offices And Warehouse Showroom And A Second Building For Repairs. Both Buildings Utilize The City'S Sewer System. The Building For Repairs Has One Table Type Parts Washer That Uses Kerosene Bought From A Nearby Gasoline Station When Kerosene Is Needed. According To The Contact Approximately Five Gallons Of Kerosene Is Added To The Parts Washer When It Is Needed. Approximately 20 Gallons Of Kerosene Are Used Per Year. The Shop Towels Are Paper And Thrown In The Trash. One Time Each Year The Facility Has The Parts Washer Cleaned Out With Oil Dry And Takes The Waste To The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center For Disposal. The Contact Has Been Informed Of An Alternative Way To Dispose Of The Parts Washer Sludge By Not Adding The Oil Dry To The Kerosene Sludge And Taking The Sludge Only For Proper Disposal. The Business No Longer Services The Company Trucks. 
4/2/2014  The 2014 Hazardous Waste Invoice Was Returned By The Post Office Indicating Schumann Caster & Equipment Company Was No Longer At This Address. 1299 West Beaver Street Was Vacant On The Date Of The Current Inspection. 
8/10/2020  Schumann Caster & Equipment Company Has Been Out Of Business At This Address Since At Least 2014. At The Time Of The Current Inspection, The Facility Was Vacant With No Signs Of Any Business In Operation. No Information Associated With The Address Was Found Through A Search Of The Duval County Tax Collector'S Site. 
11/8/2022  Atlantic Marine Cleaning Llc (Chaz# 154394) Returned The 2023 Database Information Form Indicating That Their Facility Location Changed To 1299 West Beaver Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32204. A Follow-Up Phone Conversation With Administrative Manager, Deeann Koenig, Revealed That The Business Has Not Relocated Yet; They Will Be Moving In Early 2023. Ms. Koenig Stated That They Have Already Notified Fdep And Are Waiting For All Of Their Permits To Go Through Before Moving. An Inspection Will Be Performed Next Year After The Facility Has Been Operational For At Least Six Months. Schumann Caster & Equipment Company Was Previously Located At This Address. 
12/8/2023  Atlantic Marine Cleaning, Llc (Amc) Is A Ship Cleaning Business That Has Been In Operation At This Address For Approximately One Year. The Facility Operates Out Of Two Freestanding Buildings. The Primary Building Consists Of Offices And A Two-Bay Warehouse For Equipment Storage. The Secondary Building Is A Warehouse For Equipment Storage. No Floor Drains Were Noted During The Inspection. The Inspector Was Accompanied By The Production Manager, Tim Jackson; And The Environmental, Health And Safety Manager, Alfred Strachan. Schumann Caster & Equipment Company Was Previously Located At This Address. Mr. Jackson Stated That Amc Is A Transporter Of Non-Hazardous Waste Only. He Explained That Trucks Are Sent To The Customer'S Location And Pump Out The Contents Of Ships' Tanks. He Stated That The Waste Is Then Transported To A Treatment, Storage, And Disposal Facility (Tsdf); Either Water Recovery, Llc (Chaz# 28155) Or Liquid Environmental Solutions, Llc (Chaz# 28245). Mr. Jackson Stated That Approximately 90 Percent Of Amcs Business Is For Ships Located At Local U.S. Naval Bases. He Explained That Amc Does Service Some Commercial Ships. Mr. Jackson Explained That All Waste Is Profiled Prior To Transportation. He Stated That Most Of The Hazardous Waste Encountered Is Paint Waste, And There Is Occasionally Used Antifreeze. Mr. Jackson Explained That When Hazardous Waste Is Encountered, That Amc Will Package The Waste And It Is Then Transported By Perma-Fix Of Florida, Inc. To A Tsdf. Perma-Fix Is A Certified Hazardous Waste Transporter, Epa Id# Fld980711071. He Stated That Amc Occasionally Packages Oily Rags Into Drums And Transports Them To One Of The Tsdfs. Mr. Jackson Stated That No Waste Is Stored At This Facility.  
12/8/2023  (Continued 1) The Primary Warehouse Is Used For The Storage Of Hoses, Pumps, Barriers, Fittings, And Other Equipment Used To Empty Ship Tank Contents Into Tanker Trucks Or Other Storage Containers. Mr. Jackson Stated That Amc Partners With A Sister Company, Mid Atlantic Marine, Located In Norfolk, Va. Mid Atlantic Marine Stores Similar Equipment In The Secondary Warehouse. Any Waste Handled By Mid Atlantic Marine Is Transported Directly From The Naval Or Commercial Marine Facilities To A Tsdf. Mr. Jackson Explained That Pumps, Hoses, Etc. Are Pumped Clean When Waste Is Unloaded. At The Time Of The Current Inspection, Several Containers Of Latex Paints Were Present In The Secondary Warehouse. Mr. Jackson Stated The Paint Is Used For Touchup Work In The Facility And Only Latex Paints Are Used. At The Time Of The Current Inspection, Portions Of The Secondary Warehouse Were Being Remodeled. The Products Being Used Include Sherwin Williams Protective Marine Coatings Industrial Enamel Voc And Weathershield Dirt And Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer Ultra White. The Sdss Are Not Available. Mr. Jackson Stated That No Paint Waste Is Generated From The Use Of These Products. He Was Advised That A Hazardous Waste Determination Must Be Done On All Waste To Ensure Proper Disposal And That Waste Management Records Must Be Maintained For A Minimum Of Three Years. Mr. Jackson Stated That Fleet Vehicles Are Serviced At Either Nextran Truck Center (Chaz# 27935) Or Bryan'S Garage (Chaz# 28221). No Forklifts Were Observed During The Current Inspection. No Used Oil, Used Oil Filters, Used Antifreeze, Or Spent Lead-Acid Batteries Are Generated At This Facility. Mr. Jackson Stated That Lighting In The Facility Is Led. Disposable Wipes Are Used For Washing Hands With Hand Soap.  
12/8/2023  (Continued 2) Based On The Information Or Documentation Provided By The Facility During The Hazardous Waste Verification Inspection Conducted On 12/08/2023, The Inspector Advised Tim Jackson That Atlantic Marine Cleaning, Llc Was Classified As A Non-Generator Of Hazardous Or Regulated Waste. 
3/5/2024  This Business Was Previously Located At 709 Talleyrand Avenue, Suite 3 (Chaz# 154394). They Relocated To This Address In 2023 And Renotified As An Small Quantity Generator (Sqg0. An Inspection Was Conducted On 12/08/2023 And The Facility Was Classified As A Non-Generator (Ng). On 02/23/2024, Deanna From Atlantic Marine Called To Inquire About The Hazardous Waste Invoice. At That Time It Was Noted That Their Status Had Been Updated To Ng From The Inspection. However, The Facility Wishes To Operate As An Sqg. The Original Waste Stream Is Being Added To Restore The Sqg Status. The Florida Department Of Environmental Protection Notification Form Is Included With This Report. 
Waste Info
Waste Type Storage Method Disposal Method Mo. (Units) Max Mo. (Lbs) Lbs/
Disposal Location Ques Storage Ques Disposal RCRA Hazardous
NPLG - Non-Halogenated Solvent-Tox,React,Acute Listed  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  HH - Shipped For Hw Rcra Treatment  222 ( POUNDS )  222  222  Off-Site 
  Comments: Waste Stream Added To Restore To Sqg Status Per Facility. 
Activity Info
Activity Type Description Activity Date Return To Compliance Date
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