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Facility Info
Facility ID County Status EPA ID Other ID Old Fac. ID Follow Up
211393  Duval  A - Active - Waste Generator  FLR000033688  NHBOR    N - None Needed 
Facility Name Mailing Address Location Address Contact Title Phone E-mail Address
Lamp Sales Unlimited Inc.  4580 St Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32207 
4580 St Augustine Rd 
Jacksonville, 32207 
Richard Schleicher  Warehouse Manager  (904) 737-9292   
SIC Code Gen Stat Total HW Disposal Data Type Date Org Contact Org Code
5063 - Wholesale Trade - Electrical Apparatus And Equipment  N - NOT A HAZARDOUS WASTE GENERATOR  V - Verification By On-Site Visit  1/5/2015  L. Greene  16 - Duval 
Full-Time Employees Facility Updated Date
32  1/12/2015 3:00:27 PM 
Comment Date Comment
10/3/2014  Lamp Sales Unlimited Inc. Was Issued A Local Business Tax Receipt In August 2014 And A Drive By On 10/3/14 Verified That The Business Is Now Operating At This Location. A Copy Of The Business Tax Renewal Is Included With This Report. 
1/5/2015  Lamp Sales Unlimited Inc. Is A Commercial Lamp Facility. They Have Been At This Location For 25 Years. The Facility Consists Of An Office Space And Two Service Bays. There Were No Floor Drains Noted. The Warehouse Manager, Mr. Richard Schleicher, Stated That They Sell Fluorescent Lamps, Fixtures, And Lighting Accessories To Commercial Businesses. He Stated That They Collect Spent Fluorescent Lamps And Batteries From Business For Recycling. Spent Fluorescent Lamps Are Collected And Placed In Closed, Labeled Containers Stored Inside The Building. Spent Non-Pcb Ballasts Are Collected In Closed, Labeled Containers Stored Inside The Building. Spent Fluorescent Lamps, Spent Non-Pcb Ballasts, And Spent Lead-Acid, Alkaline, Ni-Cad And Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Taken By Lighting Resources, Llc For Recycling. There Were Disposal Records Available. Mr. Schleicher Stated That They Have Four Company Vehicles. No Vehicle Engine Repairs Or Maintenance Are Performed At This Location. No Used Oil, Used Oil Filters, Or Used Antifreeze Is Generated At This Facility. All Vehicle Repairs Are Conducted By Local Auto Repair Facilities. There Are No Shop Rags Being Used At This Facility. Mr. Schleicher Stated That Fdep Has Permitted Their Facility As A Small Quantity Handler Facility For Universal Lamps And Devices. Based On Information Or Documentation Provided By The Facility, On 1/5/2015 The Inspector Advised Mr. Richard Schleicher That Lamp Sales Unlimited Inc. Was Classified As A Generator Of Non-Hazardous, But Otherwise Regulated, Waste In Accordance With City Ordinance Code Chapter 123.  
Waste Info
Waste Type Storage Method Disposal Method Mo. (Units) Max Mo. (Lbs) Lbs/
Disposal Location Ques Storage Ques Disposal RCRA Hazardous
BDEB - Lead-Acid Batteries  C1 - 0-9 Gallon Container  ER - Exempt Recycle (Battery, Etc)  63 ( POUNDS )  63  756  Off-Site 
LDEB - Fluorescent Lamps/Devices  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  EE - Universal Waste  18000 ( POUNDS )  18000  216000  Off-Site 
RDEB - Rechargeable Batteries: Pbacid,Nicad,Hg,Ag  C1 - 0-9 Gallon Container  EE - Universal Waste  7 ( POUNDS )  84  Off-Site 
TDEB - Mercury Containing Devices (Thermostats,Etc.)  C1 - 0-9 Gallon Container  EE - Universal Waste  448 ( POUNDS )  448  5376  Off-Site 
Activity Info
Activity Type Description Activity Date Return To Compliance Date
MM  Fluorescent lamps/Mercury Containing Devices     

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