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Facility Info
Facility ID County Status EPA ID Other ID Old Fac. ID Follow Up
143327  Duval  A - Active - Waste Generator  FLD984209346  VSQG<20    N - None Needed 
Facility Name Mailing Address Location Address Contact Title Phone E-mail Address
Ring Power Corporation  8040 Philips Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256 
8040 Philips Hwy 
Jacksonville, 32256 
Rusty Davis  Service Manager  (904) 256-1769  rusty.davis@ringpower.com 
SIC Code Gen Stat Total HW Disposal Data Type Date Org Contact Org Code
7353 - Services - Heavy Construction Equipment Rental  3 - Cond Exempt Small Quantity Generator  86  V - Verification By On-Site Visit  6/5/2018  J. Baez  16 - Duval 
Full-Time Employees Facility Updated Date
40  9/24/2018 9:24:53 AM 
Comment Date Comment
12/13/2006  Ring Power Corp Was Previously At 8050 Philips Highway (Chaz #28405). Most Of The Company'S Operations Were Moved To St. Johns County, But A Shop Still Remains At This Address. 
5/16/2007  Ring Power Corp Sells And Services Lift Trucks Only At This Facility. The Building Has Been Here Since 1976 But Was Part Of A Larger Ring Power Facility That Was At 8050 Philips Highway (Chaz #28405). This Building Was Converted To A Lift Truck Facility When The Rest Of The Operations Moved To St. Johns County Approximately Two Years Ago. The Facility Now Consists Of Two Buildings. One Houses The Offices And A 16 Bay Service Shop For The Lift Trucks. The Other Building Has Four Bays. Wastes Drums And Containers Are Kept In The First, The Second Is The Welding Shop, The Third Houses A Paint Booth, And The Fourth Is An Outside Truck Wash Area. There Are Two Safety-Kleen Parts Washers In The Service Shop. These Are Both On The Continued Use Product Program. There Are No Floor Drains In This Building. Used Oil Is Stored In A Labeled 500-Gallon Aboveground Tank That Is Stored Outside Of The Building Inside Secondary Containment. There Are Also Two 55-Gallon Drums Used For Draining The Used Oil Filters. These Are Stored In The Waste Bay And Neither Was Labeled "Used Oil." Used Oil Filters Are Stored In Two 55-Gallon Drums. One Of These Was Not Labeled "Used Oil Filters." Stencils Were Provided For Proper Labeling Of All These Drums. Used Antifreeze Is Stored In A Labeled Tote. Spent Lead-Acid Batteries Are Stored Inside On A Wooden Pallet. These Batteries Are Sent To The Corporate Ring Power Facility For Disposal So They Are Not Being Included In The Waste Streams For This Location. Shop Towels Are Provided By Cintas. According To Andy Bower, The General Service Manager, Only A Small Amount Of Painting Is Done In The Paint Booth. The Filters Have Not Been Changed Out. Mr. Bower Was Advised To Do A Hazardous Waste Determination On The Filters Prior To Disposal. There Was A Five-Gallon Container With Approximately One Gallon Of Waste Solvent. The Container Was Open Allowing For Evaporation. A Lid Was Placed On The Container During The Inspection. 
10/29/2008  Changed Mailing Address From 500 World Commerce Center Dr, St. Augustine, 32092 To 10421 Fernhill Drive, Riverview, Fl 33578 Per Db Info Form. - Jt 
10/28/2009  Mailing Address Changed From 10421 Fernhill Dr, Riverview, Fl 33578 To 500 World Commerce Pkwy, St Augustine, Fl 32092 Per 2010 Database Information Form. - Gk 
10/24/2016  Billing Contact Change Per The 2017 Db Info Form. - Gk 
6/5/2018  Ring Power Corporation Sells And Services Forklifts And Hydraulic Equipment, And Has Been At This Address For 13 Years. The Facility Consists Of Two Freestanding Buildings. One Building Consists Of Offices, A Four-Bay Repair Area, And A 16-Bay Fabrication Area. The Second Building Consists Of Two Bays And Two Paint Booths With Fire Suppression Systems. Attached To The Second Building Is A Covered Work Area With A Floor Drain And Filter System. In The First Building, Equipment Is Repaired And Serviced In A Four-Bay Area With One Hydraulic Lift. Used Oil Is Collected In An Unlabeled Mobile Collection Container And Transferred To An Approximately 350-Gallon Tank For Storage. The Tank Is Located Behind The Building In Secondary Containment, And Is Properly Labeled. The Service Manager, Rusty Davis, Was Advised To Label The Mobile Collection Container With The Words ?Used Oil.? Used Oil Filters Are Taken To The Covered Work Area Attached To The Second Building. These Are Drained Over An Unlabeled 55-Gallon Drum And Stored In A Labeled Dumpster Type Container In The Same Area. Used Oily Absorbents Are Also Disposed Of In The Dumpster Type Container. Mr. Davis Was Advised To Label The 55-Gallon Drum With The Words "Used Oil." Used Antifreeze Is Stored In A Labeled 250-Gallon Tote Located In The Covered Work Area. Used Oil And Used Oil Filters Are Disposed Of Through Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., And Disposal Records Were Available. Mr. Davis Could Not Recall The Last Time Used Antifreeze Had Been Disposed Of Due To Its Slow Accumulation Rate. He Was Advised To Maintain Disposal Records For At Least Three Years Once A Disposal Occurs. 
6/5/2018  (Continued 1) Proper Storage, Secondary Containment, And Labeling Requirements For The Above Waste Streams Were Discussed With Mr. Davis, And "Used Oil", "Used Oil Filters", And "Used Antifreeze" Stencils Were Provided. He Was Also Given Copies Of The Used Oil Management Fact Sheet And The Best Management Practices For Managing Used Antifreeze Handouts. Also In The First Building Is A 16-Bay Fabrication Area, Where Pre-Made Pieces Are Welded Onto Truck Frames Per Customer Needs. No Automotive Related Wastes Are Generated In This Section Of The Building. There Are Two Sink-Style Parts Washers Located In The Four-Bay Repair Area. Both Use Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. Premium Solvent, With A Flash Point Of 148 Degrees F, And Are On The Continued Use Program. The Sds Is Included With This Report. Records Were Available. The Facility Uses Crc Brakleen Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner, With 40-50% Methanol, 10-20% Acetone, 10-20% Toluene, <0.2% Ethylbenzene, And A Flash Point Of 0 Degrees F, And Pb Penetrating Catalyst, With A Flash Point Of 150 Degrees F, In Aerosol Cans To Clean And Lubricate Parts. The Sdss Are Included With This Report. Aerosol Cans Are Used Until Empty And Then Punctured Using An Aerosol Can Puncturing Device Attached To An Unlabeled 55-Gallon Drum Located Under The Covered Work Area. Mr. Davis Was Advised To Label The Drum With The Words "Hazardous Waste" And Was Provided With A Stencil. He Stated That This Drum Has Never Been Disposed Of. Mr. Davis Was Advised To Maintain Disposal Records For At Least Three Years Once This Occurs. 
6/5/2018  (Continued 2) In The Second Building, There Are Two Bays And Two Paint Booths. The Facility Uses Ppg Delfleet Essential Paints, With No Heavy Metals. Several Sdss Are Included With This Report. Paints Are Thinned Using Vietek Premium Wash Thinner, With 30-50% Methanol, 30-50% Toluene, 10-20% Acetone, And A Flash Point Of -4 Degrees F. The Sds Is Included With This Report. Waste Paint Is Added To A Labeled 55-Gallon Drum Located In One Of The Bays Next To A Paint Booth. The Drum Had A Closed And Latched Funnel, And The Label Had D001/D007/D011/D035/ F005 Waste Codes Written On It. Mr. Davis Stated That No Paint Waste Has Been Disposed Of In Several Years. He Stated That Only A Few Vehicles Are Painted Each Month, And This Does Not Generate Very Much Waste. Mr. Davis Was Advised To Maintain Records For At Least Three Years Once A Disposal Occurs. Paint Guns Are Cleaned In A Herkules Gun Washer Using Grow Automotive Premium Wash Thinner, With 15-40% Methanol, 1-30% Toluene, 0.1-1% Ethanol, And A Flash Point Of -5 Degrees F. The Sds Is Included With This Report. Mr. Davis Stated That Used Solvent From The Gun Washer Is Added To The Waste Paint Drum. Spent Paint Booth Filters Have Not Been Generated In Over Three Years Due To The Low Volume Of Painting That Occurs. Mr. Davis Was Advised To Perform A Hazardous Waste Determination On The Spent Filters Before Disposal, And Was Provided With The Hazardous Waste Determinations Handout. Used Shop Rags Are Collected In Closed, Labeled Containers Located Throughout The Repair Area, Fabrication Area, And Paint Area And Are Laundered By Cintas. Mr. Davis Was Advised That Rags Contaminated With An F001-F005 Listed Solvent Must Be Accumulated In A Closed Container Labeled "Excluded Solvent-Contaminated Wipes." A Stencil With The Words "Excluded Solvent-Contaminated Wipes" Was Provided. He Was Given A Copy Of The Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Final Rule And The Exclusion Terms Were Explained. 
6/5/2018  (Continued 3) There Is One Floor Drain Located In The Covered Work Area, Which Also Serves As A Wash Bay For Vehicles. Oily Water From The Floor Drain Is Pumped Over A Container Of Soil/Sand To Filter Out The Oil Before Discharging The Water To The Potw. Occasionally The Facility Will Remove The Oily Soil/Sand Mixture And Replace It With Fresh Filtering Media. Mr. Davis Was Unsure The Last Time This Had Occurred, But Stated That There Was A Drum In Place To Store Any That Is Generated. Mr. Davis Was Unsure When The Last Time Spent Fluorescent Bulbs Had Been Generated And How They Had Been Handled, But Was Aware That They Could Not Be Disposed Of In The Trash. Proper Storage And Labeling Requirements For Any Future Spent Fluorescent Bulbs Were Discussed And He Was Provided A Copy Of The Managing Spent Fluorescent And High Intensity Discharge (Hid) Lamps Handout. Based On The Information Or Documentation Provided By The Facility, On 06/05/2018 The Inspector Advised Rusty Davis That Ring Power Corporation Was Classified As A Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Of Less Than 20 Kilograms Of Hazardous Waste In Accordance With City Ordinance Code Chapter 123. 
Waste Info
Waste Type Storage Method Disposal Method Mo. (Units) Max Mo. (Lbs) Lbs/
Disposal Location Ques Storage Ques Disposal RCRA Hazardous
AMEO - Antifreeze (Hw Except When Recycled)  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  AD - Awaiting Disposal - Planned  5 ( GALLONS )  42  125  On-Site 
  Comments: Amounts Are Estimates. No Disposal In Over Three Years. 
NPIA - Mineral Spirits-Parts Cleaner  OP - Parts Washer  CU - Continued Use (Parts Washer Solvent)  30 ( GALLONS )  197  1184  Off-Site 
  Comments: Two Sink-Style Parts Washers Using Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. Premium Solvent, With A Flash Point Of 148 Degrees F, And On Continued Use Program. 
NPIG - Non-Halogenated Solvent-Ignitable Listed Only  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  AD - Awaiting Disposal - Planned  .1 ( GALLONS )  On-Site 
  Comments: Aerosol Can Puncturing Device Was Unlabeled. No Disposal Yet. Amounts Are Estimates. 
PMMP - Paint Waste-Mixed Hw  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  AD - Awaiting Disposal - Planned  2 ( GALLONS )  16  79  On-Site 
  Comments: No Disposal In Several Years. Amounts Are Estimates. 
SRIG - Rags With Ignitable Only Solvents  C1 - 0-9 Gallon Container  EC - Commercial Laundry (Rags)  500 ( UNITS )  55  660  Off-Site 
UPEO - Used Oils & Other Lubricants  TA - Tanks Above Ground  EU - Shipped For Used Oil Recycling  500 ( GALLONS )  3810  34290  Off-Site 
  Comments: Mobile Collection Container And 55-Gallon Drum Were Unlabeled. 
UUNO - Uncrushed Oil Filters  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  EU - Shipped For Used Oil Recycling  465 ( DRUMS (55 GALLONS) )  93000  820000  Off-Site 
  Comments: Used Oil Filters And Used Oily Absorbents Disposed Of In Same Dumpster Type Container. 
Activity Info
Activity Type Description Activity Date Return To Compliance Date
DX  Other materials(specify in comments)     
MF  Antifreeze for Recycling / Antifreeze Facts     
MH  DEP Summary of HW Regulations     
MQ  DEP Small Quantity Generator Handbook     
MU  Summary of Used Oil / Used Oil Filter Regs     

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