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Facility ID County Status EPA ID Other ID Old Fac. ID Follow Up
82505  Pasco  A - Active - Waste Generator  FL0001039528    5106695  N - None Needed 
Facility Name Mailing Address Location Address Contact Title Phone E-mail Address
Cross Environmental Services Inc  P. O. Box 1299
Crystal Springs, FL 33524 
39646 Fig Ave 
Crystal Springs, 33524 
Tony Overstreet  Operations Manager  (813) 783-1688  toverstreet@crossenv.com 
SIC Code Gen Stat Total HW Disposal Data Type Date Org Contact Org Code
1541 - Construction - Industrial Buildings And Warehouses  N - NOT A HAZARDOUS WASTE GENERATOR  V - Verification By On-Site Visit  7/2/2021  Kristin Jaycox  51 - Pasco 
Full-Time Employees Facility Updated Date
100-200  9/15/2021 
Comment Date Comment
9/18/2002  Demolition & Asbestos Contractor. 
7/2/2021  Cross Environmental - Inspection Scheduled And Conducted With Operations Manager Tony Overstreet. Company Does Demolition & Asbestos Removal. Equipment/Vehicles Are Serviced On Site; Looking Into Painting Equipment (Discussed Capturing Overspray W Ventilation And Gun Wash Waste If Generated.) Tires Collected From Sites Are Stored In Roll Offs And Hauled To Angelos Landfill (Cross Is A Registered Tire Collector). Asbestos (H.A.P Regulated Under Caa) Is Stored In Sealed Containers That Are Taken To Angelos Landfill For Disposal. Hepa Air Filters In The Negative Air Pressure Systems That Are Used At Asbesto Spent Lamps From Job Sites Are Brought Back To Yard And Stored In Boxes Inside Of A Semi Trailer. Contaminated Sites Are Also Disposed Of With Asbestos. Referred Cedar Trail Landfill In Bartow For Pressure Treated Wood Disposal.  
7/2/2021  Fyi Mosquitos Are Heavily Present On This Property 
Waste Info
Waste Type Storage Method Disposal Method Mo. (Units) Max Mo. (Lbs) Lbs/
Disposal Location Ques Storage Ques Disposal RCRA Hazardous
AMEO - Antifreeze (Hw Except When Recycled)  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  AD - Awaiting Disposal - Planned  3 ( GALLONS )  25  300  On-Site 
  Comments: Was Using Universal Environmental Which Had Documented Disposal For Antifreeze But Now Uses Synergy And The Receipts Dating Back To 2018 Did Not Show Antifreeze. Advised To Ensure Hauler Documents When Antifreeze Is Picked Up 
BDEB - Lead-Acid Batteries  GF - Piled On The Floor Or Table  ER - Exempt Recycle (Battery, Etc)  120 ( UNITS )  4560  54720  Off-Site 
  Comments: Core Exchange 
LDEB - Fluorescent Lamps/Devices  OG - Other Good  EE - Universal Waste  125 ( POUNDS )  125  1500  Off-Site 
  Comments: Lamps Collected From Demolition Sites Are Brought Back To Yard For Storage In Enclosed Tractor Trailer, Collected Annually By Registered Uw Hauler. Ballasts Are Also Stored And Collected By Hauler. 
UPEO - Used Oils & Other Lubricants  TA - Tanks Above Ground  EU - Shipped For Used Oil Recycling  105 ( GALLONS )  800  9601  Off-Site 
UUNO - Uncrushed Oil Filters  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  EU - Shipped For Used Oil Recycling  2.5 ( DRUMS (55 GALLONS) )  500  6000  Off-Site 
Activity Info
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Date: January 30, 2023