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Facility ID County Status EPA ID Other ID Old Fac. ID Follow Up
27166  Duval  A - Active - Waste Generator  FL0000596866  LQG  1600172  N - None Needed 
Facility Name Mailing Address Location Address Contact Title Phone E-mail Address
Univar Usa Inc  155 S Ellis Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32254 
155 S Ellis Rd 
Jacksonville, 32254 
Will Simms  Local Manager  (904) 783-7902   
SIC Code Gen Stat Total HW Disposal Data Type Date Org Contact Org Code
5169 - Wholesale Trade - Chemicals And Allied Products, Nec  1 - Large Quantity Generator  61800  E - Dep Inspection/Epa Id # File  2/28/2017  Dep Report - G. Kemelek  16 - Duval 
Full-Time Employees Facility Updated Date
22  12/28/2018 
Comment Date Comment
7/3/2003  Formerly Named Apperson Chemicals, Inc 
7/3/2003  Sqg# 1600172 The Types Of Chemicals On-Site Range From Those Used For Watertreatment To Those Which Are Food Grade. Univar Usa, Inc Deals With Flammables, Oxidizers, And Corrosives. Tankers Bring The Stock In. However, Sodium Hydroxide Is Always Brought In Via Rail. Stock Is Repackaged Into 55-Gallon Drums. There Are 3 Weight Controlled Brumming Stations For This Process. Drums Are Labeled At These Sites. Steam And Water Are Used To Flush The Lines. However, It May Be Necessary To Flush The Lines With Sodium Hydroxide Solution When A Complete Out Of The System Is Required. Containers Are To Be Hydrostatically Testedevery 2 Years. Waste Corrosive Liquids Includes: Sodium Hydroxide, Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Ammonium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, And Ethanolamine. Waste Corrosive Solids Includes: Caustic Soda, Beads / Oxalic Acid, And Sulfuric Acid. Waste Flammable Liquids Includes: Isopropanol, Xylene, And Acetone. Hazardous Substances / Materials Handled 1. Liquid Wrench 2. Brake Bluid 3. Sodium Hydroxide 4. Hypochlorite 5. Sulfuric Acid 6. Nitric Acid 7. Ethanolamine 8. Isopropanol 9. Xylene 10. Acetone 
8/6/2008  See The Florida Department Of Environmental Protection Report On File For Details Of This Inspection. 
11/4/2014  Billing Contact Changed Per The 2015 Db Info Form. - Gk 
11/3/2016  Billing Contact Change Per The 2017 Db Info Form. - Gk 
10/16/2017  Billing Contact Change Per The 2018 Db Info Form. - Gk 
2/28/2017  See The Florida Department Of Environmental Protection (Fdep) Report Enclosed For Details Of This Inspection. There Were Waste Streams Noted In The Fdep Report, But No Quantities Were Provided. The Waste Amounts In Chaz Are From The Last Fdep Inspection Performed. 
12/28/2018  Billing Contact Change Per The 2019 Db Info Form. ? Gk 
Waste Info
Waste Type Storage Method Disposal Method Mo. (Units) Max Mo. (Lbs) Lbs/
Disposal Location Ques Storage Ques Disposal RCRA Hazardous
CWCM - Acidic Or Alkaline Wastes - Ph<2 Or Ph>12.5  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  HH - Shipped For Hw Rcra Treatment  5000 ( POUNDS )  5000  60000  Off-Site 
OPLD - Discarded Unused Or Off-Spec Commercial Chem  C5 - 40 Or More Gallon Container  HH - Shipped For Hw Rcra Treatment  150 ( POUNDS )  150  1800  Off-Site 
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