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Hazardous Waste Facility Compliance History

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EPAID: FLR000218636, Harmony Environmental Inc

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Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 10/23/2020  Site Inspection  Complaint; Hazardous Waste Transporter  
 1/5/2021  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  SNY Facility transported hazardous waste without a manifest to a facility not permitted or authorized to accept hazardous waste. The waste was eventually properly shipped to a RCRA TSD.; DAY 0: 23-OCT-20  189673
 2/11/2021  Warning Letter  Drafted-02/05/2021 - Forwarded for Review-02/09/2021 - Sent-02/11/2021 - Finished-02/24/2021  189673
 2/16/2021  Phone Conversation  Finished-02/16/2021  189673
 2/24/2021  Penalty  Generated-01/15/2021 - Reviewed-02/05/2021 - Approved-02/11/2021 - Finished-02/24/2021  189673
 3/17/2021  Short Form Consent Order  Drafted-02/26/2021 - Forwarded for Review-02/26/2021 - Issued-03/01/2021 - Executed-03/17/2021 - Finished-03/17/2021  189673
 3/29/2021  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN Violations have been corrected.; DAY 0: 23-OCT-20  189673
 6/9/2021  Return To Compliance Letter  Sent-06/09/2021 - Finished-06/10/2021  189673
 6/10/2021  Enforcement Tracking  Finished-06/10/2021  189673

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Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    PCR  62-730.240(1)  White_J  10/23/2020  2/22/2021  189673  189241   10/23/2020   No person shall begin operation of a hazardous waste facility without applying for and receiving an operation permit from the Department. Application for operation permits shall be made on DEP Forms 62-730.900(2)(a) through (2)(d) as adopted in parag
2    XXS  62-730.170(2)  White_J  10/23/2020  2/22/2021  189673  189241   10/23/2020   In addition to the requirements of subsection (1) of this rule, no person shall transport a hazardous waste within the state for which either a manifest is required under 40 CFR Part 262 [as adopted in subsection 62-730.160(1), F.A.C.] or a reclamati
3    XXS  62-730.150(2)(a)  White_J  10/23/2020  2/22/2021  189673  189241   10/23/2020   All generators (except very small quantity generators as defined in 40 C.F.R. 260.10 [as adopted in subsection 62-730.020(1), F.A.C.] that are exempt pursuant to 40 C.F.R. 262.14 [as adopted in subsection 62-730.160, F.A.C.] and are not experiencing
4    263.B  263.20(a)(1)  White_J  10/23/2020  2/22/2021  189673  189241   10/23/2020   TRANSPORTER MAY NOT ACCEPT HAZARDOUS WASTE FROM A GENERATOR WITHOUT A SIGNED MANIFEST