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Hazardous Waste Facility Compliance History

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Activity History for:

EPAID: FLR000143313, Secure Waste Disposal Inc

Note: ETA links to Enforcement Tracking Activity

Date Done Activity Type Activity Comments ETA Link
 11/14/2007  Complaint Inspection  Complaint Inspection To Determine If Company Is Transporting Liquid Chemotherapy Waste As Biomedical.  
 11/14/2007  Site Inspection  Follow-Up; Transporter  
 9/17/2008  Federal Significant Noncompliance - Yes  Finished-11/07/2008SNY Transported HW without notification to State or US EPA. Chemotherapy Waste went to municipal incinerator, not a RCRA permitted TSD; DAY 0: 14-NOV-07  13028
 9/24/2008  Warning Letter  Sent on Wed Sep 24 2008-09/24/2008 - Finished-01/05/2009  13028
 10/14/2008  Meeting  Finished-10/14/2008  
 12/29/2008  Federal Significant Noncompliance - No  SNN Facility has ceased managing pharmaceutical waste; DAY 0: 14-NOV-07  13028
 2/2/2009  Long Form Consent Order  Issued on Mon Jan 05 2009-01/05/2009 - Executed on Mon Feb 02 2009-02/02/2009 - Finished-02/04/2009  13028
 3/23/2010  Enforcement Tracking  Finished-03/23/2010  13028
 11/18/2021  Site Inspection  Site Visit; Closed  

This pulls the Violation History

Violation History

Vio# Area Regulation Opened
Completed ETA Act Act Date Regulation Text Excerpt   (mouse over for more text)
1    263.B  263.20  White_J  11/14/2007  2/2/2009  13028  12859   11/14/2007   The manifest system.
2    263.A  263.11(a)  White_J  11/14/2007  2/2/2009  13028  12859   11/14/2007   A transporter must not transport hazardous wastes without having received an EPA identification number from the Administrator.