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Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration
Division of Water Resource Management

Technology Library for Water Issues Under Review

The following technology proposals have been submitted and are pending review by DEP.

Project ID Division Technical Reviewer Company Applicant Request Title Submitted Reviewer Assigned
Package Receipt
1839  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  TRM Biologics, Inc.   Trace Wolfe  TRM Bio-Zyme FLDEP Application for Nutrient Remediation  31-Jan-2019  12-Mar-2019  12-Mar-2019  05-Apr-2019    Package Submitted 
1835  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson    JAMES JANOTA  De-algeafication of water   29-Jan-2019  12-Mar-2019  10-Apr-2019      Package Requested 
1884  DEAR  Andrew Tintle  INNOVATIVE TURF SOLUTIONS LLC   MELISSA SCHRAND  BioFloc for Red Tide/Green Slime Water  27-Mar-2019  11-Apr-2019        Technical Review Assigned 
1655  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Great Lakes Bio Systems   Dwayne Dillingham  In Stream Nutrient Reduction Florida Project  26-Sep-2017  27-Sep-2017    28-Jun-2017    Package Submitted 
1761  DEAR  Stanley Ganthier  Green Innovative Solutions, Inc   Kristin Lighty  Algea removal from surface of waterways and possible filtration   21-Sep-2018  21-Sep-2018  16-Oct-2018  04-Dec-2018    Package Submitted 
1603  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Gerber Pumps International, Inc.   Stephen Gerber  LG Sonic Ultra-sonic Algae Control System  20-Oct-2016  29-Mar-2017  23-Aug-2018  26-Sep-2018    Package Submitted 
1854  DWRM  Lab Systems  StormTrap   Dean Gross  Sitesaver  20-Feb-2019  15-Mar-2019  17-Apr-2019  20-Dec-2019    Package Submitted 
1738  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Save the Gulf Now   Martha M. Topps  Microencapsulation  20-Aug-2018  23-Aug-2018  25-Sep-2018      Package Requested 
1883  DEAR  Lab Systems  Green Wave Innovative Solutions,LLC   Michelle Leonhart  Mother Natures Fix  15-Mar-2019  16-Apr-2019  16-Apr-2019      Package Requested 
1580  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Premier Magnesia LLC   Peyton Pool Sr.  Algae Control  15-Jul-2016  29-Mar-2017  12-Apr-2017  16-Nov-2017    Package Submitted 
1644  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  FOG Free Technologies, LLC   William H. Knight  FFT Nutrient Enhancement Agent  12-Jun-2017  15-Jun-2017    19-Nov-2017    Package Submitted 
1853  DEAR  Andrew Tintle  Kationx Corp   Bill Cox  SETTApHY Cationic Wastewater Treatment Flocculant   11-Feb-2019  07-Mar-2019  15-Apr-2019      Package Requested 
1566  DEAR  Tom Behlmer  Airmaster Aerator, LLC   Dean A Caldwell  Airmaster Aerator Has Proven Technology to Prevent and Eliminate Algae Blooms  08-Jul-2016  29-Mar-2017  12-Apr-2017  15-Apr-2017    Package Submitted 
1736  DEAR  Tom Behlmer  BBC Solar and More...   Catherine Bruce  Advanced Dissolved Oxygen Infusion  08-Aug-2018  14-Aug-2018  23-Aug-2018      Package Requested 
1735  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  BBC Solar and More...   Catherine Bruce  Microbiol Seeding  08-Aug-2018  14-Aug-2018  23-Aug-2018  27-Sep-2018    Package Submitted 
1688  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Evoqua Water Technologies   Brett Woods  CoMag Ballasted Treatment System for Algae and Phosphorus Removal  06-Mar-2018  07-Mar-2018  23-Aug-2018  28-Mar-2019    Package Submitted 
1759  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  UltrafineH2O   Bryan Welling  Addition of ultrafine oxygen bubbles to increase DO(dissolved oxygen)  05-Sep-2018  11-Apr-2019        Technical Review Assigned 
1770  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  B&S Research, Inc   Brent J. Lashmett  Florida Red Tide and Algae  05-Nov-2018  12-Mar-2019  12-Mar-2019  29-Mar-2019    Package Submitted 
1864  DWRM  Lab Systems  Bio Clean Environmental   Zachariha Kent  Modular Wetland System Linear - Stormwater BMP Application  05-Mar-2019  15-Mar-2019  17-Apr-2019  20-Dec-2019    Package Submitted 
1892  DEAR  Lab Systems  Phosphorus Free Water Solution   Donald A Luke  Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal from Surface, Lake, River, and Spring Waters  05-Apr-2019  28-Jun-2019        Technical Review Assigned 
1903  DEAR  Lab Systems  Nclear Inc.   Shawn Luton  Nclear, Inc. - TPX Nanocrystal Technology  03-Sep-2019  09-Oct-2019        Technical Review Assigned 
1757  DEAR  Cheryl Swanson  Pickett Enterprises   Don Pickett  Red Tide Toxin Reduction  01-Sep-2018  02-Oct-2018  12-Mar-2019  23-Mar-2019    Package Submitted 
1887  DWRM  Lab Systems  Bio Clean Environmental   Zachariha Kent  Water Polisher - Stormwater BMP Application  01-Apr-2019  11-Apr-2019  20-Dec-2019      Package Requested 

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