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Division of Waste Management

Technology Library for Waste Issues Under Review

The following technology proposals have been submitted and are pending review by DEP.

Project ID Division Technical Reviewer Company Applicant Request Title Submitted Reviewer Assigned
Package Receipt
1687  DWM  Elena Compton  Green Earth Naturally   PetroClean?   PetroClean - GEN application to FDEP  31-Jan-2018  31-Jan-2018  12-Apr-2018      Package Requested 
1662  DWM  Elena Compton  Alpha Omega Bioremediation LLC   John R. Chabray  Custom Blend Cultures for bioremediation   30-Nov-2017  30-Nov-2017  29-Jan-2018      Package Requested 
1729  DWM  Elena Compton  PeroxyChem   Patrick Hicks  Klozur One  29-Jun-2018  02-Jul-2018  25-Jul-2018      Package Requested 
1520  DWM  Elena Compton  SiREM   Jeff Roberts  KB-1 Primer  27-Jan-2016  16-Apr-2018  18-Jul-2018      Package Requested 
1487  DWM  Elena Compton  PeroxyChem   Patrick Hicks  MetaFix Reagents for Treatment of Priority Heavy Metals in Soil, Sediment, and Groundwater   25-Feb-2015  02-Aug-2018  06-Sep-2018      Package Requested 
1904  DWM  Elena Compton  SMS Carbons   Richard W. Jarvis  SMS Carbons Groundwater Remediation Offerings  24-Sep-2019  09-Oct-2019  17-Dec-2019      Package Requested 
1636  DWM  Elena Compton  Organic Resources LLC   Ronald Knight  Bioremediation of UST Sump contact water  23-Feb-2017  07-Mar-2017        Package Requested 
1803  DWM  Elena Compton  E.ELGRESSY L.T.D.   Elie Elgressy, Gil Elgressy  BREAKDOWN OF FUEL COMPONENTS AND SOLVENTS IN GROUNDWATER  22-Nov-2018  26-Nov-2018  12-Mar-2019      Package Requested 
1792  DWM  Elena Compton  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman   Newman Zone HRO  21-Nov-2018  26-Nov-2018  06-Dec-2018      Package Requested 
1788  DWM  Elena Compton  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman  Newman Zone OS  21-Nov-2018  21-Nov-2018  06-Dec-2018      Package Requested 
1649  DWM  Elena Compton  PROVECTUS ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS INC   jim mueller  Antimethanogenic ERD amendment (ERD CH4 Ole Ego)  21-Jul-2017  10-Sep-2017  08-Jan-2018      Package Requested 
1648  DWM  Elena Compton  PROVECTUS ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS INC   jim mueller  Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Powders  20-Jul-2017  10-Sep-2017  08-Jan-2018      Package Requested 
1917  DWM  Elena Compton  Innovative Remedial Solutions, Inc.   Justin Pick  ElectroDon  17-Jan-2020  23-Jan-2020        Technical Review Assigned 
1916  DWM  Elena Compton    PeroxyChem  GeoForm Innovative Technology Submittal  16-Jan-2020  23-Jan-2020        Technical Review Assigned 
1834  DWM  Elena Compton  FRx, Inc.   Drew Baird  Sand Slurry Injections for Flow Enhancement  13-Dec-2018  30-Jan-2019  01-Feb-2019      Package Requested 
1588  DWM  Elena Compton  EOS Remediation   Brad Elkins  EOS ZVI  06-Sep-2016  08-Sep-2016  31-Jan-2018      Package Requested 
1730  DWM  Elena Compton  FREYTECH Inc   David Roberts  Environmental Balancing Devices - EBD Remediation System  06-Jul-2018  09-Jul-2018  25-Jul-2018      Package Requested 
1671  DWM  Elena Compton  Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.   Greg Booth  EZVI & EZVI-CH4  05-Jan-2018  08-Jan-2018  12-Apr-2018      Package Requested 
1643  DWM  Elena Compton  Greenworld Innovations Corp   Ron McCarthy  DE-OIL-IT  02-Jun-2017  15-Jun-2017        Package Requested 
1767  DWM  Elena Compton  TerraStryke Products, LLC   Kent Armstrong  TerraStryke Biostimulation Additive TPHEnhanced   01-Oct-2018  02-Oct-2018  25-Sep-2018      Package Requested 
1848  DWM  Elena Compton  Remington Technologies, LLC   Kevin Moore  COGAC - Chemically Oxygenated Activated Carbon   01-Feb-2019  01-Feb-2019  28-Feb-2018      Package Requested 
1533  DWM  Elena Compton  TerraStryke Products, LLC   Kent Armstrong  ERDenhanced Biostimulation Additive  01-Apr-2016  07-Dec-2017  12-Apr-2018      Package Requested 

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