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Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration
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Technology Library for Water Issues

The following technology proposals have been reviewed and accepted by DEP.
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ID Company (Website) Primary Applicant (Email) Secondary Applicant (Email) Request Title (Description) Reviewer
1875  PDS Health, Inc.   James Lysaght     HABolish - a procedure for eradicating Harmful Algal Blooms  Kevin Coyne  21-Nov-2019 
1858  Souther Algea control   Bill Mikolay     algea control, canals, inland, NOT red tide  Kevin Coyne  13-Sep-2019 
1882  Omega Water Sciences   Jim Doucher     Algae Capture, Remediation, and Nutrient Control  Andrew Tintle  26-Jul-2019 
1900  Environment21   Mitchell Moran     Environment21 StormPro Florida Technology Library Application  James Landini  21-May-2019 
1865  Bio Clean Environmental   Zachariha Kent     Kraken Filter - Stormwater BMP Application  James Landini  07-May-2019 
1847  AquaShield, Inc.   Mark Miller     Aqua-Filter Stormwater Filtration System  James Landini  16-Apr-2019 
1769  MagneGas Applied Technology Solutions, Inc   Richard Conz     MagneGas Plasma Arc Sterilization System  Andrew Tintle  10-Apr-2019 
1843  AquaShield, Inc.   Mark Miller     Aqua-Swirl Stormwater Treatment System  James Landini  02-Apr-2019 
1756  Hydro International   Jeremy Fink     Downstream Defender  James Landini  03-Jan-2019 
1505  Gerber Pumps International, Inc.   Bert Gerber     Alternative Phosphorous Removal with ElectroCoagulation  Andrew Tintle  24-Sep-2018 
1579  AquaFiber Technologies Corporation   William Eggers     AquaLutions®™ Dual Nutrient and Algal Biomass Removal  Cheryl Swanson  23-Aug-2018 
1696  Hydro International   Jeremy Fink     Hydro Dry Screen and Up-Flo Filter  Michael Bateman  08-Jun-2018 
1698  Biocleaner, Inc.   Davide Molino     Biocleaner Bio6 for wastewater bioremediation  Andrew Tintle  08-May-2018 
1678  EcoSense International Inc   Randall N Burden     NutriGone(TM) Bio-sorption activated media (BAM)  Michael Bateman  21-Mar-2018 
1619  Parjana Distribution LLC   Joseph Kramer     Integrated onsite stormwater management solutions  Michael Bateman  24-Jan-2018 
1677  Martin Ecosystems   Nicole Waguespack     BioHaven Floating Treatment Wetlands  Michael Bateman  24-Jan-2018 
1626  Agricultural and Environmental Applied Sciences   Ted Mahoney     Bioremediation and oxidation of nutrient load for both proactive and reactive applications  Elsa Potts  17-Jan-2018 
1641  US Iron   Mark Miller     PhosRedeem - The most cost effective phosphorus adsorbent on the market  Michael Bateman  01-Dec-2017 
1478  ACF Environmental   Randy Thomas     FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System  Beth Alvi  06-Feb-2015 
1480  Fabco Industries, Inc.   Robert Woodman     StormBasin by Fabco Industries  Beth Alvi  06-Feb-2015 
1479  Fabco Industries, Inc.   Robert Woodman     StormSack by Fabco Industries  Beth Alvi  06-Feb-2015 
1473  SEEK Enterprises Inc   Ralph E. Elliott (Butch)     Use of Naturally Occurring Microbes to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Organic Bottom Solids.  David Whiting  20-Aug-2014 
1398    SFWMD, Watershed Technologies, LLC     Aluminum Sulfate  Everglades Restoration Planning and Permitting  29-Dec-2010 
1397    Cemex Construction Materials Florida, LLC     FLOPAMTM EM 230 PWG (Polyacrylamide)  Bureau of Mining and Minerals Regulation  20-Oct-2010 
1390    Miami-Dade County     Ciba Krysalis FC 2106D, Ciba Krysalis FC 2406D, Callaway 4864, Nalso PSC 7118  Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems  20-Aug-2008 
1395    Manatee County Port Authority     CIBA Krysalis FA 2308  Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems  26-Jul-2005 
1396    Miami-Dade County     Ciba Krysalis FC 2106D, Ciba Krysalis FC 2406D, Callaway 4864, Nalso PSC 7118  Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems  03-Sep-2004 
1394    City of St. Petersburg     OPTIMER 7194 PLUS (Polyacrylamide)  Southwest District  29-Dec-2003 
1392    Village of North Palm Beach     Dredgeclear 53  Southeast District  11-Oct-2001 

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