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The following technology proposals have been reviewed and accepted by DEP.
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ID Company (Website) Primary Applicant (Email) Secondary Applicant (Email) Request Title (Description) Category Reviewer
Finalized Acceptance
1917  Innovative Remedial Solutions, Inc.   Justin Pick   Justin Pick   ElectroDon  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  06-Dec-2022 
1643  Greenworld Innovations Corp   Ron McCarthy   Ron McCarthy   DE-OIL-IT  Surfactant Flushing  Elena Compton  03-Aug-2022 
1971  Erwin Remediation, Inc.   Jonathan Erwin   Jonathan Erwin   Heated Air Sparge  Other  Elena Compton  10-Jul-2022 
1970  REGENESIS   3-D Microemulsion (3DME)   Chad Northington   3-D Microemulsion (3DME)  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  31-Mar-2022 
1942  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman   William Allen Newman   Newman Zone QR75  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  30-Mar-2022 
1944  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman   William Allen Newman   Newman Zone QR90  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  22-Mar-2022 
1947  Toxicological & Environmental Associates   SourceKill   Allen Baker   SourceKill Application  Other  Elena Compton  30-Sep-2021 
1949  Redux Technology, Div Azure Water Services, LLC   Brad Horn, PE   Brad Horn, PE   Redux HCB Formulation  Surfactant Flushing  Elena Compton  22-Sep-2021 
1767  TerraStryke Products, LLC   Kent Armstrong   Kent Armstrong   TerraStryke Biostimulation Additive TPHEnhanced   Bioremediation  Elena Compton  24-Jun-2021 
1533  TerraStryke Products, LLC   Kent Armstrong   Kent C Armstrong   ERDenhanced Biostimulation Additive  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  15-Jun-2021 
1923  H?gan?s Environment Solutions   Hank Mann     H?gan?s Environment Solutions Cleanit? ZVI Technology  Chemical Reduction  Elena Compton  13-May-2021 
1946  Redux Technology, Div Azure Water Services, LLC   Brad Horn, PE   Brad Horn, PE   Redux 345 Deposit Control Formulations  Surfactant Flushing  Elena Compton  15-Mar-2021 
1948  NFA Solutions Group, Inc.   Advanced Microbial Degradation (microDEG) Process   Bradley T. Nowland   The Advanced Microbial Degradation or microDEG ? Process  Other  Elena Compton  23-Dec-2020 
1520  SiREM   Jeff Roberts   Jeff Roberts   KB-1 Primer  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  20-Nov-2020 
1487  PeroxyChem   Patrick Hicks   Patrick Hicks   MetaFix I-3 and I-7A Formulations for Treatment of Priority Heavy Metals in Soil, Sediment, and Groundwater   Other  Elena Compton  20-Oct-2020 
1916  PeroxyChem   Patrick Hicks   Patrick Hicks   GeoFormER Innovative Technology Submittal  Other  Elena Compton  15-Oct-2020 
1788  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman   William Allen Newman   Newman Zone OS  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  15-Apr-2020 
1880  Regenesis Bioremediation   John Freim   John Freim   Florida Innovative Technology Application for S-MicroZVI Remediation Amendment  Other  Elena Compton  20-Jan-2020 
1728  PeroxyChem   Patrick Hicks   Patrick Hicks   Klozur KP  Chemical Oxidation  Elena Compton  13-Sep-2019 
1661  ORIN Technologies, LLC.   Larry Kinsman   Larry Kinsman   Bioavailable Absorbent Media for In-Situ and Ex-Situ Environmental Remediation  Other  Elena Compton  13-Sep-2019 
1787  RNAS Remediation Products   William Allen Newman   William Allen Newman   SDC-9 Bioaugmentation Culture  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  06-Sep-2019 
1855  Innovative Remedial Solutions, Inc.   Justin Pick   Justin Pick   PetroBloom  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  05-Sep-2019 
1664  Dakota Technologies, Inc.   Randy St Germain   Randy St Germain   DyeLIF Logging Tool for non-Fluorescent LNAPLs and DNAPLs  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  04-Sep-2019 
1615  EOS Remediation   EOS 100   Brad Elkins   EOS 100 (high retention EVO)  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  21-Aug-2019 
1804  ETEC, LLC   Brian Colonnese   Brian Colonnese   CarBstrate  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  04-Jun-2019 
1833  REGENESIS   Chad Northington   Chad Northington   PetroFix Remediation Fluid  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  14-May-2019 
1753  SiREM   Jeff Roberts   Jeff Roberts   KB-1 Plus  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  01-May-2019 
1752  SiREM   Jeff Roberts   Jeff Roberts   KB-1  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  01-May-2019 
1731  Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.   Jim Mueller   Christopher A Mullen   Provect-ORS (Oxygen Release Substrate) Aerobic Biodegradation Reagent  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  29-Mar-2019 
1663  Innovative Remedial Solutions, Inc.   Justin Pick   Justin Pick   DEZORB-IT  Surfactant Flushing  Elena Compton  13-Jan-2019 
1724  Innovative Remedial Solutions, Inc.   Justin Pick   Justin Pick   microFUEL Nutrient Enhanced Bioremediation  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  13-Jan-2019 
1670  Progress Environmental, Inc.   Jay Lawson   Chris Penet   Proprietary blend of microbial organisms (Enviro-BAC) for bioremediation of petroleum spills.   Bioremediation  Elena Compton  25-Jul-2018 
1716  PeroxyChem formerly FMC   Patrick Hicks   Patrick Hicks   PermeOx Ultra  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  24-Jul-2018 
1657  NFA Solutions Group, Inc.   David J. Levy, P.G.   David J. Levy, P.G.   Levuk Method  Other  Elena Compton  18-Jul-2018 
1651  Eko Harden Technologies Oy   EkoGRID(TM)   EkoGRID(TM)   EkoGRID(TM): Electrokinetic & Electrochemical Reactions for Pollutant Removal in Groundwater and Soil  Other  Elena Compton  15-Apr-2018 
1610  Specialty Earth Sciences, LLC   Jason Swearingen   Jason Swearingen   Sustained Oxidation and Controlled Oxidant Release Encapsulants (SOCORE) Technology  Chemical Oxidation  Elena Compton  30-Jan-2018 
1660  PeroxyChem formerly FMC   Patrick Hicks   Patrick Hicks   Klozur SP  Chemical Oxidation  Elena Compton  29-Jan-2018 
1496  RNAS Remediation Products   William A. Newman   William A. Newman   Neutral Zone - A Colloidal Calcium Carbonate Buffer for Bioremediation  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  07-Dec-2017 
1490  RNAS Remediation Products   William A. Newman   William A. Newman   Newman Zone Emulsified Vegetable Oil Products  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  22-Sep-2017 
1612  TerraHydroChem, Inc.   Roger Kubala   Roger Kubala   TerraCleanse 1200  Other  Elena Compton  01-Sep-2017 
1522  EN Rx, Inc.   Erik Piatt   Erik Piatt   EN Rx Vertebrae Assessment/Monitoring  Other  Rick Ruscito  01-Aug-2017 
1611  Verde Environmental, Inc.   William L. Scogin   William L. Scogin   Micro-Blaze  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  17-Apr-2017 
1514  URETEK Holdings, Inc.   Josh Seidner     URETEK 486Star Injectable Barrier  Physical/Mechanical  Elena Compton  09-Oct-2016 
1586  Redox Tech, LLC   Joe Rossabi   Joe Rossabi   diammonium phosphate injection  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  25-Sep-2016 
1542  Environmental Soil Management of NY, LLC   Robert D. Manz     On-Site Thermal Treatment of contaminated soils and sediments  Other  Elena Compton  24-May-2016 
1534  Tersus Environmental   David Alden   David Alden   NutriBind In Situ Remediation  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  20-Apr-2016 
1530  Innovative Remediation Technologies, LLC   Mark Santangelo   Mark Santangelo   CarbonOx: In-situ carbon-based remediation  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  18-Apr-2016 
1535  Pathway Biologic   Stephen Gans     Repair  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  14-Apr-2016 
1506  GEO Inc   Carol Winell   Lowell Kessel   Gas Thermal Remediation  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  21-Mar-2016 
1315  Oil Spill Eater International Corp.       Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  11-Mar-2016 
1515  EOS Remediation   Brad Elkins     EOS QR (Soluble Substrate)  Bioremediation  Elena Compton  15-Jan-2016 
1516  Tersus Environmental   David Alden   David Alden   Nutrisulfate┬« - High Sulfate Metabolic Supplement  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Nov-2015 
1510  Solar Water Works   Doug Winkie   Doug Winkie   Solar Photocatalytic Treatment of Groundwater  Chemical Oxidation  Elena Compton  13-Nov-2015 
1513  En Rx Incorporated   Erik Piatt     FOCIS and Vertebrae  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  29-Sep-2015 
1476  Regenesis   Drew Baird   Drew Baird   PlumeStop Colloidal BioMatrix  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  31-Aug-2015 
1507  Innovative Remediation Technologies, LLC   Mark Santangelo   Mark Santangelo   Request for change of ownership of approved BIOX technology. Foemerly under BioManagement Services, Inc  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  03-Aug-2015 
1488  CS Products   Gary Mims   Gary Mims   Coco Absorb - Petroleum Remediation Product  Physical/Mechanical  Elena Compton  28-Jul-2015 
1475  Hepure Technologies Inc.   William Guite   William Guite   Ferox Iron Powders - ZVI  Chemical Reduction  John Svec  12-Jun-2015 
1321  OVT Environmental Products       OVT Container  Site Investigation Aids  Rick Ruscito  30-Oct-2014 
1472  Provectus Environmental Products   Jim Mueller   Jim Mueller   Provect-CH4 methane inhibitor / ERD ISCR Supplement  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  10-Jul-2014 
1469  Provectus Environmental Products   Jim Mueller   Jim Mueller   Provect-IR antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent  Chemical Reduction  Gary Millington  16-Jun-2014 
1470  Provectus Environmental Products   Jim Mueller   Jim Mueller   Provect-OX Self Activating ISCO/enhanced bioremediation reagent  Chemical Oxidation  Gary Millington  16-Jun-2014 
1465  Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.   Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.   Michael Saul   Petrox EC  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Jun-2014 
1452  Regenesis   Ben Mork   Drew Baird   CRS - Chemical Reducing Solution  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  27-Mar-2014 
1462  Redox Tech, LLC   Joe Rossabi   Joe Rossabi   Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide (SHP)  Chemical Oxidation  Gary Millington  14-Mar-2014 
1454  Rhamnolipid Companies, Inc.   Keith DeSanto   Rick Ruscito   Rhamnolipids for Environmental Cleanup  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  24-Feb-2014 
1450  Geologic Restoration, PLLC   Brian E Chew Sr. P.G.   Brian E. Chew, Sr P.G.   GR-320-IRC Carbon Based Injectate.   Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  24-Feb-2014 
1448  Redox Tech, LLC   Joe Rossabi   Joe Rossabi   ABC Ole   Bioremediation  Gary Millington  02-Oct-2013 
1447  Terra Systems, Inc.   SRS-M   Michael D Lee, Ph.D.   Terra Systems Slow Release Substrate Metals or SRS-M  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  25-Sep-2013 
1423  Tersus Environmental   Nutrimens   Michael Spacil   Nutrimens Metabolic Supplements for Enhancing Anaerobic Bioremediation of Oxidized Metals and Chlorinated Compounds  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  20-Sep-2013 
1428  Regenesis   Drew Baird   Drew Baird   Innovative Technology Application for PersulfOx  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  16-Sep-2013 
1426  Redox Tech, LLC   Joe Rossabi   Joe Rossabi   Oxygen BioChem+ (OBC+)   Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-Jul-2013 
1382  In-Viro-Situ LLC   In-Viro-Situ LLC   Keith Barker   Earth I.V.  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  05-Jun-2013 
1410  Foremost Environmental Solutions, LLC   Foremost Environmental Solutions   Seth C. Hunt   X-PeRT System  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  31-May-2013 
1374  Redox Tech LLC       Oxygen BioChem (OBC)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  16-May-2013 
1405  Oil Solutions International   Paula Cella     Oil Solutions Powder and Liquid  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  25-Apr-2013 
1187  EOS Remediation, LLC   Brad Elkins     EOS  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Mar-2013 
1370  Natural Solutions Group Corp.   Sami Benhamou   Orik Dagan   VirO2Syl  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  07-Mar-2013 
1400  Eurovix USA   David Bloom   David Bloom   Micropan Petrol   Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  20-Feb-2013 
1186  OnMaterials   Clint Bickmore     In-Situ Chlorinated Compound Degradation using Injectable Metal Alloys  Physical/Mechanical  Gary Millington  20-Feb-2013 
1401  Pureous Products, LLC   Pureous Hydrocarbon Fix   John Himelfarb   Pureous Hydrocarbon Fix  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  20-Feb-2013 
1188  Tersus Environmental, LLC   Tersus Environmental, LLC   David Alden   EDS-ER (Electron Donor Solution - Extended Release) Self-Emulsifying Soybean Oil Substrate  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  08-Feb-2013 
1393  TECHBlue Center   Dale Gilbert     Research. Standards and Benchmarks for Water Clean ( Industrial Ionizer Equipment)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  31-Jan-2013 
1185  BOOSUSA, LLC   Otto Sova   Marian Kupcik   Biological substances, enzymatic decontamination  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  01-Oct-2012 
1178  Ergofit USA LLC   Warren Russell   Gonzalo A. Pozo   Bioremediation Agent (Microbiological Culture, Enzyme Additive, Nutrient Additive.  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-Sep-2012 
1170  EOS Remediation   Brad Elkins     CoBupHMg  Other  Gary Millington  28-Aug-2012 
1171  Tersus Environmental   Gary M. Birk, P.E.   Don Ray   TersOx - Inorganic Peroxygen for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  08-Aug-2012 
1163  The LatAm Group, Corp.   Gabriel Sebastian     Bioremediation, in-situ and ex-situ of hydrocarbons and raw sewage.  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-Jul-2012 
1305  MicroSorb Environmental Solutions, LLC.     Gabriel Sebastian   MicroSorb (MicroSorb Environmental Solutions, LLC)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  26-Jul-2012 
1159  Clift Industries, Inc.   Matt Barnhill   Matt Barnhill   BioRem-2000 Nutrient Blend  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-May-2012 
1149  Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.   Charles Whisman, Charles Blanchard, Denise Good   Richard Evans   HypeAir  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  11-May-2012 
1151  Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.   Charles Whisman, Charles Blanchard, Denise Good   Richard Evans   Six Phase Chemical Oxidation  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  11-May-2012 
1150  Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.   Charles Whisman, Charles Blanchard, Denise Good   Richard Evans   HypeAir-EX  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  11-May-2012 
1124  EOS Remediation, LLC   Stephen Richardson   Stephen Richardson   Novel Application of Biodegradable Oils (VOS) for Vadose Zone Bioremediation  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  09-May-2012 
1152  Maxum Resources, LLC   Broc Segura   Broc Segura / Bill Rippetoe   NXT Technology  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  18-Apr-2012 
1123  Advanced Oxidation Technology   Robyn T. Price   Robyn T. Price   VTX Catalyst  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  28-Feb-2012 
1241  Cross-Fire Soil Remediation, LLC       Cross-Fire Thermal Destruction  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  30-Jan-2012 
1350  RPS Evironmental Solutions, LP       Remedia Hydrocarbon Stabilizer  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Dec-2011 
1357  Sarva Bio Remed LLC       SpillRemed (Industrial) (a.k.a. HydroRemed, a.k.a. AgroRemed)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-Dec-2011 
1260  Ergofit Manufacturers and Distribution (Pty) Ltd.     Contact   Ergofit MicroMix (Ergofit LLC)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  20-Oct-2011 
1261  Ergofit Manufacturers and Distribution (Pty) Ltd.       Ergofit MicroMix (Maxum Resources LLC)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  20-Oct-2011 
1207  EOS Remediation, LLC       BAC-9 (EOS Remediation)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  04-Oct-2011 
1175  Clift Industries, Inc.   Matt Barnhill   Matt Barnhill   BioRem-2000: (1) Oil Digester-Anaerobic; (2) Oil Digester-MTBE; (3) MTBE-Anaerobic  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  31-Aug-2011 
1243  Custom Biologicals, Inc.       Custom HC-100  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  23-Jul-2011 
1329  Regenesis     Drew Baird, P.G.   PetroCleanze  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  18-Jul-2011 
1246  EOS Remediation Inc.       EAS  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  08-Jul-2011 
1359  Bio Blend Technologies, LLC     Contact   Star System  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  05-Jul-2011 
1200  Biovation Environmental Services, LLC     Contact   ABC Method (Biovation)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-Jun-2011 
1332  US Dept of Energy - Savannah River Operations     Suzanne Schomer   PHOSter Nutrient Injection System (AECOM)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2011 
1333  US Dept of Energy - Savannah River Operations     Mike McJilton   PHOSter Nutrient Injection System (eGeo)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2011 
1334  US Dept of Energy - Savannah River Operations     L. Chip Priester   PHOSter Nutrient Injection System (phA)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2011 
1335  US Dept of Energy - Savannah River Operations     Richard B. Smith   PHOSter Nutrient Injection System (Smith)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2011 
1343  APTwater Incorporated     Contact   PulseOx  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  30-Nov-2010 
1201  Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation       Accell Clean  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  29-Nov-2010 
1361  Carus Chemical Company       Stimulox  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  10-Sep-2010 
1217  Environmental Remediation Consultants, Inc.       BIO-INTEGRATION  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  24-Aug-2010 
1344  1st EnviroSafety, Inc.       Purely Green Oil Clean  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  14-Jun-2010 
1222  Bioremediation, Inc.       Bio-Rem-2000 Oil Digester (aka Baad Bugs Oil Digester)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2010 
1214  G&C Ambientpetrol V, Inc.       Biodex  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  14-Apr-2010 
1298  EarthWorks Environmental, Inc.       Matrix Enhanced Treatment System (METS)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  07-Apr-2010 
1230  G&C Ambientpetrol V, Inc.       BROS-PLUS  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  11-Jan-2010 
1263  ETEC, LLC       Etec Bioremediation Enhancements, EZT-CBN Custom Blended Nutrients, NutriMax, DO-IT & others  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  14-Dec-2009 
1293  JRW Bioremediation LLC       LactOil (JRW Bioremediation LLC)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  05-Oct-2009 
1202      Contact   Aqua Kleen  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  10-Aug-2009 
1337  Perkins Enterprises, Inc.       Polyzyme 2000  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-May-2009 
1203  EOS Remediation, LLC       AquaBupH (EOS Remediation, LLC)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  28-Apr-2009 
1352  Biobased AG       RM-103, RM-106 & RM-107  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Feb-2009 
1248  1st EnviroSafety, Inc.       ECCO Commercial All Purpose Cleaner  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  04-Feb-2009 
1292  FMC Corporation       Klozur CR  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  19-Dec-2008 
1252  Thermal Remediation Services, Inc.     Contact   Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Nov-2008 
1368  Terra Systems, Inc.       TSI EZVI (Terra Systems)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  07-Nov-2008 
1231  BioRemedial Technologies, Inc.       BRT Nutrients  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-Sep-2008 
1218  Bio-Matrix / Spill Sorb     Craig McGree   Bio-Matrix (US) Spill Sorb (Canada)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  04-Sep-2008 
1270  inVentures Technologies, Inc.       gPRO┬« (inVentures Technologies)  Physical/Mechanical  Gary Millington  13-Aug-2008 
1287  inVentures Technologies, Inc.     Don Ray   iSOC/HiSOC (inVentures Technologies)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  13-Aug-2008 
1367  Terra Systems, Inc.       TSI DC (Terra Systems)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  12-Aug-2008 
1313  O2 Tube Technologies, Inc.       O2 Tube  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  29-Jul-2008 
1320  Ecosafe Products, Inc.     Contact   Organicide  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  09-Jul-2008 
1213  Regenesis     Drew Baird, P.G.   Bio-dechlor INOCULUM PLUS (BDI PLUS) (Regenesis)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  24-Jun-2008 
1325  OxyGreen Corporation       OxyGreen  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  12-Jun-2008 
1283  Resource Control Corporation       In Situ Chemical Oxidation with Ozone, Air and Oxygen (ISCO OAO)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  23-May-2008 
1235  Etec, LLC     Brian Timmins   CarBstrate  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  31-Mar-2008 
1360  Emerald Bay Environmental Technologies, Inc.     Michael J Fitzsimmons   STI Technology (Natural Remediation, LLC)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  08-Jan-2008 
1358  Terra Systems Incorporated       SRS - Slow-Release Substrate (Terra Systems)  Bioremediation  Gary Millington  03-Jan-2008 
1354  VeruTek Techologies, Inc.       S-ISCO (Surfactant-Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  18-Sep-2007 
1254  AR Environmental Services, Inc.       Enhanced Bioremediation for Soil and Groundwater (EBSG)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  22-Aug-2007 
1237  En Rx Incorporated       CHEMRED  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  08-Aug-2007 
1267  Arrius Environmental Inc.       GASOx  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  27-Jul-2007 
1206  Accelerated Remediation Technologies, LLC       ART System  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Jun-2007 
1205  Virotec AquaSolve       Arsenic ProActiv  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  04-Jun-2007 
1341  Universal Remediation, Incorporated       PRP/Oil Buster  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  18-May-2007 
1365  Remediation Products, Inc.       Trap & Treat BOS 100  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Apr-2007 
1366  Remediation Products, Inc.       Trap & Treat BOS 200  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  17-Apr-2007 
1249  GPET, LLC       ECOSAFE  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  16-Oct-2006 
1226  ConSeal International, Inc.       BioSurf 425-NF  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-Aug-2006 
1265  Biotech Restorations LLC       Factor Remediation Formula (FRF)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  17-Jul-2006 
1331  Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.     Contact   Petrox DN  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  04-May-2006 
1239  Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.     Contact   CL-Out  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  03-May-2006 
1330  Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.     Contact   PETROX  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  02-May-2006 
1306  CBA Environmental Services, Inc.     Kiron Senapati   Mobile Injection Treatment Unit (MITU)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  31-Mar-2006 
1216  X-19 Biological Products       Bio-Gel  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  28-Mar-2006 
1276  Regenesis     Drew Baird, P.G.   HRC Advanced  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  23-Mar-2006 
1316  Cheiron Resources Ltd.       OILSCREENSOIL  Site Investigation Aids  Rick Ruscito  10-Oct-2005 
1300  MECX       MECX ISCO  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  09-Sep-2005 
1251  Adventus Americas, Inc.       EHC  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-Sep-2005 
1328  Alabaster Corporation       Petro Clean  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  29-Aug-2005 
1348  Regenesis       RegenOx  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  17-Aug-2005 
1355  Sitelab Corporation       siteLAB  Site Investigation Aids  Rick Ruscito  01-Jun-2005 
1285  Surbec Environmental LLC       Integrated Surfactant-Enhanced Subsurface Remediation (SESR)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  25-May-2005 
1307  Remediation Solutions, Inc.       Mobile Low Temperature Thermal Desorption Unit  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  17-May-2005 
1210  Chapatwala Consultancy       BIOBEAD  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  12-May-2005 
1257  International BioTech, Inc.       Environmental Reserves (ER) (International BioTech, Inc.)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  02-May-2005 
1256      Stephen Gans   Environmental Reserves (ER)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  24-Apr-2005 
1277  Regenesis     Peter Kalleres   HRC-X (Hydrogen Release Compound)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Apr-2005 
1309  Regenesis     Peter Kalleres   MRC (Metals Remediation Compound)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  18-Apr-2005 
1253  En Rx Incorporated       En Rx SSO & EN Rx Synergist  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  12-Apr-2005 
1268  Nature's Finest       Genisis WE/F  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  12-Apr-2005 
1310  SPL Control LLC     Don Dunning   NALE-IT  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  04-Apr-2005 
1291  FMC Corporation       Klozur Activated Persulfate  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  25-Feb-2005 
1204  ArchaeaSolutions, Inc.     Contact   Arkea  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Feb-2005 
1319  Regenesis     Peter Kalleres   ORC Advanced Oxygen Release Compound  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  04-Feb-2005 
1340  ConSeal International, Inc.       ProBio-CSX  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Dec-2004 
1264  Fabco Industries Incorporated       Fablite Pure Flow Filter  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  09-Jun-2004 
1280  Environmental Technology Solutions Intl       Hydrogen Accelerator System  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  08-Jun-2004 
1324  Regenesis     Rick Gillespie   Oxygen Release Compound  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  02-Apr-2004 
1326  FMC Corp. - Peroxygen Chemicals Division     Contact   PermeOx Plus  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  31-Mar-2004 
1290  KenGro Corporation       KenGro BioSorb  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  16-Mar-2004 
1278  Coburn Construction       Humus/Surfactant Bioremediation Technology  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  05-Jan-2004 
1294  Southeast Remediation Technology, Inc.       Levuk Method  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  16-Dec-2003 
1234  Solvay Interox Incorporated       Calcium Peroxide Solvay Interox IXPER 75C (Global Green Group)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  01-Dec-2003 
1371  University of Waterloo     Scott Inwood   Waterloo Emitter  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  15-Jul-2003 
1347  Diversified Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.       RAPID  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  27-May-2003 
1238  DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.     Contact   CISCO (Controlled In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Process)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  02-May-2003 
1301  American Metrecz Corp.       Metrecz Absorbent  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  17-Apr-2003 
1286  International Wastewater Solutions (IWS)     Contact   IOS-500 Accelerated Composting  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  14-Apr-2003 
1353  International Environmental Products, LLC       S-200D (a.k.a. SheenClean, a.k.a. BilgePro)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  17-Mar-2003 
1364  Waterworks Global, Inc.       Torch System  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  07-Feb-2003 
1242  K-V Associates, Inc.       C-Sparger Perozone (KVA)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  03-Feb-2003 
1233  Shangyu Chemical Industry Corporation       Calcium Peroxide (Shangyu)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  29-Jan-2003 
1297  Shangyu Chemical Industry Corporation       Magnesium Peroxide (Shangyu)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  27-Jan-2003 
1311  EIC Global Solutions       Non-Aqueous Extraction Technique (NET)  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  22-Jan-2003 
1223  The Westford Chemical Corp/BioSolve Group     Contact   BioSolve  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  09-Dec-2002 
1262  Terra Systems Incorporated       ESOL - Emulsified Soybean Oil Lecithin (Terra Systems)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  03-Dec-2002 
1296  EnviroLogic Inc./SpillAway Brands       Liquid Remediact (SpillAway)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Nov-2002 
1349  Microbes Research & Development, Inc.     Greg J. Kruse, P.G.   REM-3  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  28-Oct-2002 
1244  dinoSoil, Inc.     Michael Houghland   dinoSoil  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  24-Oct-2002 
1272  EnviroLogic Inc./SpillAway Brands       HC-100 (SpillAway)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  30-Jul-2002 
1351  EnviroLogic Inc./SpillAway Brands       Remediact (SpillAway)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  25-Jul-2002 
1346  University of Florida     Y. Goswami, Ph.D; J. Klausner, Ph.D   R 2000  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  22-Jul-2002 
1302  International Biochemicals Ltd.       Micro Pro SSC  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  17-Jul-2002 
1275  Bio-Tech 2000, Inc.       HDF-2 (Hydrocarbon Degradation Formula)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Jun-2002 
1208  Natural Products International       BAC-TERRA  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  11-Jun-2002 
1327  American Remediation       PER-PETUAL  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  28-Mar-2002 
1250  American Remediation       E-DOT  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  27-Mar-2002 
1221  Bio Rem USA, Inc.     Dan D'Agnese   Bio-Rem H-10 (OHIO)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  26-Mar-2002 
1219  Bio Rem USA, Inc.     David Mann   Bio-Rem H-10 (INDIANA)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  26-Mar-2002 
1220  Bio Rem USA, Inc.     Richard Levato   Bio-Rem H-10 (NEW YORK)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  26-Mar-2002 
1227  ConSeal International, Inc.       BiOx  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  20-Mar-2002 
1312        NuMOx (Dynamic Microbiological Solutions)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  19-Mar-2002 
1317  Environmental Remediation & Financial Services LLC     Ron Adams   On-Contact  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  19-Feb-2002 
1303  Micro-Bac International, Inc.       Micro-Bac (M-1000H, OSNF #1, & Tri-Phasic 12)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  15-Feb-2002 
1266  International Enzymes, Inc.       FyreZyme  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  14-Nov-2001 
1304  Verde Environmental Incorporated       Micro-Blaze  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  05-Nov-2001 
1282  Imbibitive Technologies America, Inc.     Jim Watkins   Imbiber Beads  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  01-Nov-2001 
1284  H2O Engineering, Inc.       In Situ Ozone (RCC)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  03-Oct-2001 
1247  BIOMIN Incorporated       EC-100  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  22-Aug-2001 
1271  Bio-Genesis Technologies, Inc.       GT-1000 HC  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Aug-2001 
1236  The Critter Company     Keys Oakley   Catalina BioSolutions  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  11-Jul-2001 
1211  Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.       BioBlend Rapid BioBlend 3-1 BioBlend 5-1  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  10-Jul-2001 
1288  Environmental H2O       ISO-GEN  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  09-Jul-2001 
1224  MCC Technology Incorporated       Bio-Sparge System  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Jun-2001 
1240  Bio-Cops Biotechnology, Inc.     Contact   COGEN V (BIO-COPS)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  13-Jun-2001 
1215  International Environmental Technologies       Biodrain PVD In-Situ Treatment Platform  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  25-Apr-2001 
1245  Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.     Perry Hubbard Jr., P.G.   Dynamox  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  16-Mar-2001 
1279  Bio-Tech 2000       Hydrocarbon Degradation Formula  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  18-Dec-2000 
1363  Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC       SuperBio RTX  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  15-Nov-2000 
1362  Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC       SuperBio RT  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  14-Nov-2000 
1295  SHAC Environmental Products, Inc.     Contact   Liquefied Activated Carbon  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  07-Nov-2000 
1274  Pendragon Technologies, Inc.       HCF-700  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  16-Oct-2000 
1281  Regenesis     Rick Gillespie   Hydrogen Release Compound  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  12-Sep-2000 
1232  Global BioSciences, Incorporated     Contact   Butane Biostimulation Technologies  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  12-Jun-2000 
1369  Toups Technology Licensing (TTL)       TTL Liquid Recyclers  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  19-Apr-2000 
1342  Chem-Tel, Inc.       Pulsed Sparge Product Recovery  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  14-Mar-2000 
1258  Biodyne, Inc.       ENVIRONOC (Biodyne, Inc.)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  09-Mar-2000 
1356  Perix Industries       soilKLEAN (formerly HC-Zyme)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  11-Jan-2000 
1212  Biocat Solutions Company     Contact   BioCat VFB  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  15-Jul-1999 
1338  Carus Chemical Company       Potassium Permanganate (GTI)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  15-Jul-1999 
1339  Carus Chemical Company       Potassium Permanganate (IT Corp.)  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  09-Jul-1999 
1345  National Resource Protection Corporation       PX-700  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  01-Jul-1999 
1273  Remtech Engineers       HC-2000  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-May-1999 
1209  International Enzymes, Inc.     Contact   Bacto-Zyme  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  04-May-1999 
1372  X-19 Biological Products       X-19 Bio  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  08-Mar-1999 
1336  Geo Resources, Inc.       Polymeric Zorption/Oxidation  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  11-Dec-1998 
1299  Matrix Oxygen Injection Systems, LLC     Don Ray   Matrix Oxygen Injection System (MOIS)  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  09-Nov-1998 
1308  Clean Technologies International Corp.     Contact   Molecular Decomposition Process  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  06-Oct-1998 
1269  Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.       Geo-Cleanse  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  16-Jul-1998 
1314  Oil Gator Product Services       Oil Gator  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  10-Jul-1998 
1289  In-Situ Oxidative Technologies, Inc.       ISOTEC  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  11-Mar-1998 
1225  ConSeal International, Inc.       BioStim - NF  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  09-Mar-1998 
1318  Oppenheimer Biotechnology, Inc.       Oppenheimer Biotechnology, Inc.  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  06-Mar-1998 
1229  ConSeal International, Inc.       Bio-Zyme 1000-HC  Bioremediation  Rick Ruscito  21-Oct-1997 
1322  Asset Recovery Group, Inc.       Oxy-Cat Groundwater Remediation System  Chemical Oxidation  Rick Ruscito  09-Jun-1997 
1255  Environmental Restoration Systems       Envirojet Groundwater Recovery System  Physical/Mechanical  Rick Ruscito  10-Apr-1997 

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