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Statewide Biological Database

Statewide Biological Database

The Bureau of Laboratories administers the Statewide Biological Database (SBIO). Although tools for storage and manipulation of species-level data have existed and evolved over the past 20 years, this particular database was developed in the early 1990's in response to the need for centralization of biological data collected over the past 40 years by DEP and its predecessor agencies. This biological data had for many years resided on paper, in drawers, and in several mainframe programs used by the central laboratory in the Biology Section.

The following table shows the amount and kinds of data in the database.

Data Type Number of Entries
Stations (locations)  * 15,866
Invertebrate Samples 23,318
Invertebrate Identifications 901,560
Algae Samples 22,918
Algae Identifications 822,247
Macrophyte Samples 5,222
Macrophyte Identifications 369,243
Habitat Assessments 11,094


*  Stations (locations): Latitude/Longitude, County, Planning Unit, WBID, Basin Rotation Group Number, Bioregion, FDEP District, LVI Region, and Water Body Name



For questions regarding use of or access to the SBIO 4D application or for data requests, contact the SBIO database administrator (devan.r.cobb@dep.state.fl.us). The completed request may be sent to Devan R. Cobb via email or by mail. The laboratory address is at the bottom of this webpage.

For questions regarding SBIO programming and support, contact the Bureau of Laboratories, Laboratory Support Section Program Administrator (kathleen.lurding@dep.state.fl.us).

Florida Taxonomic Lists

Complete listing of all macroinvertebrate, algae or macrophyte taxa listed in the Biological Database.

  Taxa List Count Updated  
Macroinvertebrate Count 9671 Macroinvertebrate Date 15-Jun-2018
Algae Count 4391 Algae Date 08-Jun-2018  
Macrophyte Count 2026 Algae Date 08-Jun-2018  
        Note: List created in Excel format. If your browser asks for username and password, choose Cancel. When you save the file; save as file type Excel Workbook.
1 There are two categories for the suspension feeders:
  1. Suspension feeders 50 and
  2. Suspension feeders 100

The "Suspension feeders 50" category is a list of those macroinvertebrates that have 2 feeding strategies (i.e. Suspension filterer and Predator). The "Suspension feeders 100" category is a list of those macroinvertebrates that are primarily just Suspension filterers. Both lists should be used to accurately calculate the %Suspension filterer metric for the Stream Condition Index. The total number of individuals in a sample that belong to the "Suspension feeders 50" category should be multiplied by 0.50. The number of individuals in the "Suspension feeders 100" category should be multiplied by 1.00. These numbers are added together and then divided by the total number of individuals in the sample and this number is multiplied by 100 to get the percent.

Last updated: July 27, 2016

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