Well Summary

W#10592: City of Lakeland

County: Polk (PO)
Location: T.28S R.23E S.10B
Latitude: 28° 3' 44.2188"; Longitude: 81° 59' 32.442" (Datum: WGS 1984)
USGS 24k Quad:
Elevation: 135' (DEM: 135')
Drilled: 7/15/1970 by PIPPIN WELL DRILLING
Well Location Verified: 1/13/2017
Well Data Last Modified: 12/20/2017

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YearGeologistSamples/Invervals Described
2018ALEXANDER G. LAMARCHE from 0 to 70 ft

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YearGeologistSamples/Invervals Described

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